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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yeah, Ray...

Seeker said...


I understand that evolution occupies a lot of discussion, but perhaps you could spend some time on other topics of interest to us, like home schooling, Christian parenting, etc. These are everyday concerns for us...evolution is just a distraction.

If evolution is just a distraction, and you don't believe in evolution, and you don't believe in atheists, why do you write so much about evolution and atheists/atheism? Your fellow believers are complaining.


  1. Yeah, it's weird that Ray gets off on these evolution denial rants.

    If evolution can be verified, Ray's whole religion goes right down the tubes. Ray's actually drawing attention to one of the most glaring weaknesses in his whole apologetic.

    Plus--as the other Xtians are telling him--he's neglecting much more important topics when he spends all that time discussing the fossil record.

    Really, when you think about it, our task as atheists should be to keep him on the topic of the evolution conspiracy, 5000-yr-old earth, the hoax of the Big Bang, etc as long as we can.

    That way, at the end of his rants, we can always pull the rug out from under him by asking if he's speaking authoritatively, or just spewing his personal opinion. If the former, give him a biology test and watch him flunk it. If the latter, he's basically admitting he doesn't know what he's talking about.


  2. Apparently seeker isn't aware that Ray's only strategy is offense and baiting. He needs atheists and science as strawmen and enemies, because Ray feels he must be morally superior to as many as possible. No enemies means no bogeyman, nobody to accuse of 'loving sin'. His whole tactic would fall flat. The business of producing and selling home-schooling materials is somewhere else, just like many other people write 'Christian parenting' books. Getting into all of that would mean Ray would have to learn about many things first, which is not lucrative and very time-consuming. In Ray's own words, it would bore him to tears. The image of Ray as a sin-battling, atheist-challenging paladin is what keeps his entourage in line and his way of life financially sustainable.

  3. Cap and Felix,
    Sot on. Well stated.


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