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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ray's View of the Chinese?

Did anyone catch this bit of racial stereotype in his latest entry?
However, I simply need to have seen a Chinese person in China yawn, see a gold tooth to know that there is gold in China.
Was he just trying to be cute, or does this perhaps reveal something more about him? Has he used such an example in the past?


  1. DI,
    You said,
    "Was he just trying to be cute, or does this perhaps reveal something more about him?"

    I never brought this up over at Ray's blog, but being the frustrated sicioligist that I am, I have spent some time looking at the character of people from New Zealand. Let me say this, it is rather bizarre.

    First, New Zealanders think that as long as they say something in a couched term, it is OK to lie. That totally explains Ray's propensity for repeating his disengenuos quakerisms.

    Then, you have their relationship with their sheep, which is rather peculiar.

    It turns out that New Zealanders are like the Arabs in that they don't like to answer a question with an answer. Their "beliefs" preclude that.

  2. Yeah, when I read that I remember thinking "no one has gold teeth anymore. Wtf Ray you need to get out more, it's no longer the 40's". I thought it was just stupidity, but now that you mention racism it could be that. I've heard him use this example before and he always uses China for some reason.

  3. Of course beside his obvious racial preference, he makes another basic mistake in his argument. All this talk about gold is fun, but like usually he totally skips the fact that no one has actually seen this god of him. So like usual he thinks we need absolute knowledge to disprove something, but a vague hunch and some ancient brain farts are enough to positively proof his god.

  4. Exactly, where's this proof of a little bit of god like the evidence of a "little bit of gold in China"????

  5. He used the same example in his book "God Doesn't Believe in Atheists", which is a kind of old book.

    I don't understand how this could be construed as racism. He uses China all the time because maybe there's no reason to rotate countries. You guys know I think Ray is full of shit, but isn't this getting to be like the Blame Bush crowd? I mean, there are lots of legitimate, out in the open things to criticize him for. I don't see a need for speculation of this nature.


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