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Monday, July 28, 2008

Jack T. Chick

The name Jack Chick was brought up in another thread and my eyes lit up. I have to admit, I am a huge Jack Chick fan. I'm fasicinated by the man - so mysterious, so sublime, so...so...so stupid.
He reaches realm of fundie nuttiness Ray could only dream of. I once heard Ray actually knows Jack. Yeah, imagine spending eternity with those two and throw Terry Burton in the mix. That should be enough reason to turn away from Christianity for any sane person.
Below is a movie version some clever person made of one of my favorite Chick Tracts...Doom Town!
It's an anti-homosexuality screed that is probaly the most homoerotic thing I've ever seen in my life. Send the kids out of the room and enjoy!


  1. Awesome, I was thinking someone should write a post about jack chick. That video was hilarious (has to be a Poe) and 2:29 looks kinda dirty.

    "Yeah, imagine spending eternity with those two and throw Terry Burton in the mix."

    Don't forget Bush, Hitler, and Pat Robertson. :-/

  2. My fav is the tract that maintains that D&D is really a cover for real witchcraft.

    And who can forget the anti-Catholic "Death Cookie" tract?

    Jack Chick is a recursive parody.

  3. oh yeah the movie is a parody, but it's actually scarily accurate to the actual tract

  4. Regarding the original "Doom Town" tract, it's interesting how Jack just glosses over the part where Lot offered his virgin daughters to the mob in exchange for the "angels".

    Christianity: condoning rape and abuse of women since....well, since always.

  5. Take my Virgin Daughters in stead!

    God I love that part. Rape and do what you will with my daughters, but leave my friends alone. MAke sure you use Lube! Tisk Tisk.

    And where did they get the BDSM gear? The fundies went down to the local dildo shop. MAybe stopped at the Glory Hole. That would have made a funnier video, see their faces when they see a wall of 3 ft long black dildos and bondage masks. JESUS!

  6. The dog at 7:00 is hilarious. He's like WTF? I didn't know you liked me THAT much.

    Getting my popcorn.

  7. I used to have to go into trailer parks as a kid and hand these tracts out to the beer-for-breakfast crowd. Oh, the memories.

  8. I was at a comic book convention several years ago and there was one guy who had a whole display of Chick Tracts. I walked up to him and talked to him about them, kinda worried that I'd get the fundy spiel, but still curious enough to talk to him.

    Turns out, he was just a big fan and respected Chick as a true underground comics artist. He said that Chick's theology was completely insane though.

  9. Did you guys see the way the Christian's ears glowed at the end? That was priceless.

    This is parody thru and thru.

  10. I've often wondered that if God was so offended by what was being done to the children why he killed them along with the other residents. Weren't they 'righteous' enough?

  11. This is a great film. Hilarious. I found 8 more just like it at www.316now.com. Apparently all these guys got together and filmed their favorite Chick Tracts word for word. It played at the Los Angeles Film festival, according to this site. My favorite is "Bewitched" where the Devil programs TV shows.


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