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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

WOTM Watchdog

Forgive me if somebody's already pointed this out, but have any of you guys heard of the Way of the Master Watchdog site? Check it out: http://www.wotmwatchdog.org/.

Seems like these folks are fighting the same fight as us. I'm going to send an email.


  1. I just hopped over there and ended up looking at the post titled You Get What You Give, I Suppose and so I checked our own stats. While ours is much lower, we get about 4 visits a day from Living Waters Publications ourselves.

  2. Who's watching the watchdog???

  3. Hey Mac, where do you find these stats?

  4. Who polices the police? The police police police the police. which reaises the question; who polices the police police?

  5. I bookmarked them a while ago, but stopped monitoring them once I realized it takes them 6 months to post a new thread.

    Still can't hurt to drop them a line, tho.

  6. Agreed, with Capt. Howdy. I had them bookmarked and was checking them frequently and there just didn't seem to be any updates.

  7. Under "lovemail" on their site is a letter from a former employee of WOTM. A non-christian. He says of Ray Comfort "A little of Ray goes a long way at times. his religion to justify used to cover what I would call "simmering anger" toward non Christian's."

    A simmering anger. Very interesting

  8. stew,
    thanks for mentioning that. From a psychological standpoint, where do you guys think that 'simmering anger' comes from? What happened in Ray's life that triggered this? Was it rejection after he took up ministry, or perhaps something in his earlier life?
    I need to go buy some groceries now, later.

  9. psychological break with reality at 2Am on that one night he always talks about.

  10. Felix,

    I think it ties into what Milo said about fundys and Stockholm Syndrome.

    He thinks that everyone who doesn't believe his deity is real and wonderful is against him and is spitting on his Jesus, so over a long period of time the resentment builds up.

    I also think Ray is kind of like the battered wife of Jesus.

  11. That might be accurate. From then on, building frustration by being confronted with unacceptance of the 'new reality'. The human brain is extraordinarily quick in accomodating new realities, which is one of our evolutionary strengths. Unfortunately, the brain is also not very good at abandoning false convictions; our brain chemistry doesn't like to do that. It takes energy to train the mind and to concentrate on something our preconceptions reject. Hence the statement from Ray that 'science bores me to tears'. Energy efficiency is something evolution strongly selects for. In a way, it's natural to be deluded up to the point where the delusion becomes manifestly harmful.

  12. In checking the viewership stats for WOTM Watchdog, I noticed there was a spike on July 29th. Most of that spike is directly attributable to this post. Thanks!

    As for contacting us (me), you can do so forwarding all correspondance to former_follier@hotmail.com.

    Our writing began to wane for a number of reasons. I would love to go into them but let's just say I'm glad the site is still being hosted. If someone wants to take the project on their server, let me know and I'd be glad to start "watching" and writing again.

    Ray and the rest of those (dangerous) goofballs still intrigue me.

    All the best,

    Former Follier


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