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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Better Than Crocoduck

This is not a hoax. This really is a pigmonkey.

Seperate article with another picture.

So what do you say, Ray?


  1. It is (the second article has a particularly horrifying picture of it), but I think they should try to get that thing to breed and create a NEW SPECIES.

    That's the one response I can see Ray giving, that the thing shows evolution as false since such drastically different creatures have no hope in hell to breed.

  2. ewwww.

    now i'll have nightmares about ponkeys.

  3. I'm usually a person that falls in love with ugly animals that have a face only a mother could love, but I'm sorry, this pig really creeps me out.

  4. Ray responded. Typical really; he presents it as if it's proof of the bible ('kinds' and shit) and another nail in the evolution coffin. Oh, and he finishes of by inferring that atheists have some kind of degenerative brain disease. Nice.

    See Rufus' post for the proper breakdown...


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