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Friday, July 25, 2008

FEAR IS THE TRAP- Come to Jesus, or go to Hell.----Bumper Sticker

From what I am seeing over at Ray's is this comfy little cabal. They are well engaged in only one thing, and that is their reveling in the belief that they are going to heaven and We am not.

It amuses me to no end to think about sitting around in the formal living room of my home and engaging in conversation with these people. They come over and have pie and coffee, and then we exchange bible verses for the next hour and a half until everybody is bored out of their skulls (wonder why?) so they say "jesus loves us" and they leave the premesis. Do you know what I mean? So, I have observed where some hapless, uninitionated, False Christian, pipes up and says, "hey, I saw in the jounal, "Nature," that scientists have found a new transitional fossil!"

Boom. Dead Meat. "What the hell are you doing? You can't bring up that kinda stuff at a christian get-together! Get the fuck out you miserable scum, the work of Satan!"

To watch that spectacle over there with very few non-theists commenting is like watching................Let's say, "Space Bunny Angels In Love," The epitomy of the Warm fuzzy Feeling.

They choose this because they do not have the wherewithal to cope with the sharp and prickley issues such of what real life is made.

Sorry, I got off track there... ahem.... so............... Fear.

One of my old cronies posted this way back in the day, and every time I run across it, I peruse it, and it seems that I pick up something that I either forgot, or didn't latch onto the first time. Maybe you think it's horseshit, which is OK by me. :>

Here she comes:

"After the prospective Christian has been lured in by hope, they are driven further in by fear. The refined effects of fear finally becomes a trap in which that fear, of damnation, becomes part of the horrid result of questioning one's new faith. Fear is the key that fits the lock on the Christian's heart."


I better get outta here!


  1. This touches on one of my harshest critiques of evangelical Christianity. The central theme of Christianity is guilt. It's very manipulative. People like Ray never let you forget that you are bruised fruit. And not just fallen or broken somehow. You are vile. You don't take the first step on the road to life with the J Man until you realize what an insect you really are. It's only when you feel you are a caca-roach that you begin to see Jesus, so to speak.

    That's the infection point.

    Just look at the first thing Ray comes at you with--

    The Law.

    Once you buy into that, you never get off that hook without a blood sacrifice.

    Of course, they 'forget' to mention you were born prone to sin at God's command. And that changes things considerably.

  2. See my comment on the 'dede' post. The 'demonic, Satan' part of their subconsciousness needs an enemy to project aggression outward. The denial that this aggressive, egocentric part of their minds is within themselves leads to the belief that it's an external agent, to be found in natural events and in the personality of other people as well as their own. It is something to be combatted, something that needs to be driven out and warded off. Religious beliefs are very handy to create such a one-dimensional view of reality, providing the disease and the cure in a simple package. Honed over centuries, it meets psychological needs but fails when confronted with a reality that it can't match adequately. Therefore the denial of reality. 'Faith feels so right, but the world grates on it so much. It can't be that something that feels so right is wrong, so it's the world that's wrong'.


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