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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ray Comfort: Master Baiter

He's at it again.

Another day, another asinine post at Atheist Central. This time Ray makes it clear that a species-to-species transitional would have to be something like Tiktaalik - a transitional form "between fish and land animals" or Archaeopteryx - a transitional form "between reptiles and birds" as quoted by the scientific journal; The Guardian newspaper (well, at least it's not AIG).

At this point I was wondering when the stupid was going to kick in becuase this almost sounds like he knows what he's talking about...

"Of course, the above claims can’t be substantiated. Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is not a hoax—-it is a bird, not a "missing link" between birds and reptiles. The missing link is still missing, and I'm still waiting for the first piece of genuine evidence for the theory of evolution." - R. Comfort

Ah, there's the stupid!

So he defines it as something like Tiktaalik, only Tiktaalik doesn't count because, well, erm, you see.... if you see a building, you know it must have had a builder....

Just to be clear; he is definately baiting to try and get us to return, don't fall for it (unless you really want to) my fellow Raytractors, stay strong!



  1. I forget where I first heard this explanation (it might have even been here) but I thought it showed the way creationists deny the transitional forms.

    Take the species A and species E. We reckon that species E evolved from species A, but we need a link. We discover species C, and it is proclaimed as the missing link. Creationists disagree, saying that you need a link between A and C, and C and E. Species B and D are found, but creationists claim you need a link between A and B, B and C, C and D, D and E. (ad nauseum)

    In short, Ray will always deny transitional forms even if they were dancing naked in front of him. He won't be happy until someone discovers an actual half duck half crocodile, but such a discovery goes against Evolutionary theory completely anyway.

  2. Ray is a master master baiter. He gets lots of practice.

  3. We've all heard believers use the line about how atheists go on and on about something they don't believe in (God). Do you think they've noticed how often Ray goes on and on about something he doesn't believe in (evolution)? In 20 posts since 18 July, the start of the strike, I count 13 that are about evolution and/or atheism. Of course, they'll just say Ray is spreading the truth and trying to save souls yadda yadda yadda.

  4. Ray is the first piece of evidence. Not for evolution, but that insane walk among us.

  5. Rufus,
    It's a fetish. Ray has an Atheist/Evolution fetish. (He secretly loves this shit.) That's perfect because I have a crazy person fetish (A bit like watching American Idol), so we are two sides of the same coin.

  6. I think Ray is just jealous because he is like the Dodo, a victim of evolution.

  7. I just want to find a way of communicating the reality of evolution to the fundies, in a way that they cannot possibly ignore or dismiss.

    It's just not enough to point and laugh at Comfort and his minions.

    There must be a way; do we need to produce our own Wedge Document for getting science into religion?

  8. Ok, I'm guilty. I couldn't resist!!

    I posted on Ray's blog (oh the shame) to ask what a 'true' transitional fossil between reptiles and birds would look like (apparently, not like Archeopteryx).

    I just want some of them to THINK for a second about what that would look like, do they even know? Are they capable of contemplating, for even a second, that such a creature existed and that they may have been wrong all this time?

    I would dearly like to think so, but I'm not too optimistic.

    Right, from now on I'm on a strict Comfort Food diet; one comment every fortnight and that's it.

  9. For most of them, there will never be a transitional fossil, or any other kind of evidence. Their faith in Jesus is the absolute most important thing in their lives. Anything that casts doubt on that cannot be allowed. If hominid fossils were found with dinosaur fossils, or, as Haldane said, a rabbit is found in the pre-Cambrian, it wouldn't destroy me.

  10. Expatmatt,

    It's like teaching a chimp to play an instrument. You really want them to learn, but alas, the structure of the chimp brain bars them from making any complex thought patterns.

    Noble of you nonetheless. So sit and watch the zoo enclosures.

  11. mudskipper, I think you're right; so sad...

    *walks towards the horizon with hands in pockets, head down and the theme music to the Incredible Hulk TV Series playing softly in the background*


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