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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes, Ray Does Piss Me Off

This is what Ray has added to the Patrick Glaser post:

I found this on an atheist website. Wow, they don't cut him much slack. No doubt Patrick thought he was doing the right thing (as far as atheism was concerned), and now they have turned on him. Please pray that he reads the copy of How to Know God Exists, that I sent him. "But back on topic - it is humorous to see the "atheist fundies" (yes, I said "atheist fundies") turning on one of their own for a breach of doctrine. Tell me it's not a religion. Tell me again."

It's not doctrine, it's free speech. It's the first amendment, asswipe.


  1. Hey Firefighter's gal:

    It's not a religion.

    How does calling someone a moron for threatening a frivolous lawsuit constitute "breaking the atheist doctrine"?

    Before you answer that, though, please show me where I can find this "atheist doctrine" I'm supposed to be adhering to. I don't want to be breaking it and get labeled as a False Atheist Convert!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Oh yeah and then there is this gem from Firefighter's gal:

    "Reynold, just wait till you start hearing the muezzin five times a day in your city and sh'ria law is the law of the land. You'll miss the Christians, I guarantee it. Go visit Dearborn, Michigan. Or maybe not, because you'll either be headless or will "convert" to Islam in oppression and cowardice."

    Why would any of that make me miss Christians? If those things occurred I would simply take up cause against Islam.

    I've been to Deerborn, Michigan. I've been all over Michigan and I still have my head and I didn't convert to Islam.

    I think that Firefighter's gal is under the mistaken impression that claiming things on the internet somehow makes them automatically true.

  4. Is there some atheist God? Because we need an Atheist God in order to be a religion....

    But, then, we wouldn't be atheist...

    Hey, Firefighter's Gal, shut up. See, now you must adhere to it.

  5. This is sad. A girl that labels herself Firefighter's Gal.

    That alone indicates she has identity problems and infers she is a posession of someone. Curious, that.

    Many of these christians are quite insecure.

  6. Okay, so I just ventured into Atheist Central in the swamp that is the Living Waters, and know that we've all seen this... but...

    Terry keeps posting links. And Ray lets him get away with it. Sure, we've all seen this happen for a long time, you figure he's being lax... but just the other day, when Atheist Experience posted a link, Ray very specifically deleted the post and MADE MENTION OF IT.

    How can we take him to task? Is there any way? This is obscene.

  7. That alone indicates she has identity problems and infers she is a posession of someone. Curious, that.

    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who notices that sort of a thing. I think that there's something odd about having a screen name that says that you're somebody's something. My sister-in-law, when she was dating this one total tool, used the handle "Bryan's Girl" or something like that. She has since grown up, dropped his stupid ass, and developed her own personality. Her situation can be blamed on being a teenager. I don't know how adults can excuse it.

    Also, my wife's cousin and her husband have a single Facebook page. I could be reading too much into it, but it seems to me like a lack of trust issue.

  8. Rando and Ranting, if you're False Nonconverts then that would explain why you didn't show up to my Rape 'n' Pillage Party last week.

    We blasphemed our way onto every fiction award shortlist on the continent; drank every drop of liquid in Toronto; and reduced several small nations to smoldering ruins. Fortunately there were leftovers so if you two can get your acts together -- translation: don't stand me up again! -- you can join in the fun next month.

  9. Weemaryanne: there are parties where one can rape and pillage in the city?

    Though I must take exception to one of your statements - I am pretty certain that was alcohol I was drunk on Saturday night, so you didn't get ALL the liquid... I got what you couldn't stomach.

  10. Wee:

    Sorry I couldn't make your Rape'N'Pillage Party. I had to attend a dinner party for my local faction of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy. Plenty of baby to go around for all. Leftover baby doesn't taste as good reheated in the microwave the next day. But I'm sure I don't have to tell you that ;)

    I'll make sure to pencil your next get-together into my calendar.

  11. Wee,
    I too have an excuse. I was too busy worshipping satan and strapping down random women to beds in abortion clinics.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. "I too have an excuse. I was too busy worshipping satan and strapping down random women to beds in abortion clinics."

    Now I like a good forced abortion as much as the next guy, but doesn't it seem strange to be aborting potentially good food?

    I mean, they're already babies, it's not like fetuses and placentas would be as tasty as veal or anything.

    ... wait, I bet the French would eat that... the French eat anything disgusting. Not good stuff like babies, but nasty stuff like frogs.

    (By the way Ranting, that WAS you with the coathangers and bloody aprons walking down the street singing the Bananaphone, wasn't it? I have to say that the devil horns were nice a touch, but that Raffi is just going too far)

  14. Yes, it was me. Thank you, and I'll take your tip.

    About the babies, you're right...but aborted babies are good for wonton soup.

    Oh, and...Atheists Rulez!

  15. Wonton soup? Oh man, I never thought about that! I thought one might have fried up the fetus with dill and a voracious incantation to the Dark Lord of Atheism, or perhaps with the magical evolution-gene marinade.

    Hmm. Wanton Fetus Soup... interesting.

  16. I rarely comment over there anymore, but firefighter's gal's comment just chapped my ass. I couldn't let it go. This was my comment:

    firefighter's gal said:

    But back on topic - it is humorous to see the "atheist fundies" (yes, I said "atheist fundies") turning on one of their own for a breach of doctrine. Tell me it's not a religion. Tell me again.

    Are you kidding me? Are you so deluded that you think what you've said here actually makes sense? Every time I come here I read the dumbest thing I've ever read. Have you not heard of freedom of speech? If an atheist is in favor of free speech, does that mean that atheism is a religion?

    Then let me ask you something. A lot of Republicans strongly disagree with many things George W. Bush has done. Does that mean "Republican" is a religion?

    A lot of Seattle bike riders are angry at the bike riders who allegedly attacked a pedestrian last week in Seattle. Is bike riding a religion? Are you beginning to see why people talk so slowly around you?

  17. Also, Emily said:

    Terry! My brother in Christ!

    I write to you in sincerity and Christian love =) a request: PLEASE do not post about the disgusting goings-on of atheist blogs. This is the second time I have read one of your posts where it mentions (in way too much detail in my opinion) the depraved and pornographic contents of an atheist's blog. I understand you are rebuking them (and you are 100% right to do so), but can you please do so on their own blog, or in email, and not post it here?

    I find it very disgusting, sick and offensive and do not want to even read about it at all. So please, sincerely, can you not mention these details again?

    I don't visit the atheists sites or blogs for this reason. I know they are almost ALWAYS perverse and disgusting, not to mention blasphemous to a sick extreme, because they have been given over to wallow in their sins like pigs in filth.

    I skimmed over Terry's comments, which I normally skip entirely, and couldn't find anything like this. Does anyone have a clue what she was talking about?

  18. LOL Jason!

    You kick ass. I just noticed "Firefighter gal" has her very own blog in which she posted some more of the same nonsense.

    You should leave your reply there as well, just to make sure she sees it. Maybe she would appreciate the comment too, since it seems nobody else reads her blog.

    Wonder why that is.....

  19. Hi Jason. I've posted on Ray's site about that woman's comments also.

    I also posted on her blog, and on the site where those other guys post so they can see how people like her are trying to take advantage of the situation.

    BTW, there's a fundy on Comfort's blog who has the same username as you. Go to that post on Comfort's blog and click on his name. You'll see the difference.

    One of you may want to make a change, so casual readers won't get confused.


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