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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Way of the Master Production


  1. Could. not. watch. all. of. it. Sorry.

  2. Nice satire...is this really close to what a guy like Ray would have on his site?

    It sounds more like what Sye TenB would say, which is why I thought he was just a Poe in the first place.

  3. "A Way of the Master Production"

    Thanks for the warning. I'll delay watching it until my stomach is empty.

  4. tripmaster monkey,

    No,no,no, its by Edward Current, its a satire...but this is so similar to WOTM that it is nearly impossible to tell (Poe's Law). It's hilarious.

  5. Oh Edward Current.

    I don't know how he manages to be spot-on with Christian rhetoric, but he manages to make the most bizarre, insane propositions frighteningly realistic that you almost believe he's serious.

    And then he pulls something like God's magic wand and hat, and you laugh your ass off.

  6. I subscribed to him on YT several episodes ago.
    The most hilarious thing is not that soem atheists go ballistic over his videos, thinking them sincere - it's that Christians comment on them to congratulate how accurate and correct they are.
    You'd have to explain to every 20th atheist that they're satire, but at least every 2nd Christian thinks they're for real.
    Isn't it disturbing that some people can't tell the difference between their own worldview and a clown on a stage mocking it?

  7. This shows how ridiculous fundamentalist xtianity is!

  8. O n wtching this it turns out to be a parody! Well done.
    The longest list of non-sequiturs ever spoken!

  9. I thought this appeared to be such a bit too simplistic, but I loved the part where he says to swich your brain "off."

  10. You all slay me... You crawl out of your skin over Ray's parody of the Banana - and ooze with fuzzy-love over Edward's silly little vid that attempts to make Christians appear to be mindless fairy-tale subscribers...

    The irony to me is that you would crucify Ray or anyone from Christianity if they put up a video that claimed to be "An Atheist Production" yet, you do this... The initial post of this blog mentioned that you didn't want this to be a blog that simply bashes Christians - however, this video did not attack Ray or his followers, but Christians in general...

    Only the title of the post attacked Ray... Seems to me that you are getting away from the original intent of your blog here while trying to cover it up by saying "now THAT'S something Ray would do..."

    I merely stopped in out of curiosity - I'm sure I don't need to see any more than I've already seen. You commit the same offense you accuse Ray of committing. You perpetuate, and even encourage hatred for a person whose only claim is to want to help people escape eternal punishment.

    Whether you believe in it or not is merely a matter of ignoring him and his message, and perhaps encouraging others to do so as well... Though, the venom with which you attack is evidence of something much more than just disagreement...

    As God has perhaps done with you all - I'll leave you to yourselves - and to your opportunity to rip me a new one on behalf of atheists everywhere...


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