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Monday, July 28, 2008

Atheist Experience and April First "Fools" Bumper Stickers

If it doesn't work, visit http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3454662743009947826&q=atheist+experience+foolish+atheists&ei=ohGOSPifK6eQqwPt1KjBCA&hl=en

Do you remember the post Ray had where an angry atheist threatens to sue over a bumper sticker? Well, He calls into yesterdays episode of the Atheist Experience. this is the whole episode, so you'll probably have to watch a little before you get to the caller who sent Ray the message. Nonetheless, it's an excellent show either way.


  1. I think this guy might be the bizarro world version of Sye Ten B.

  2. I'm listening to this right now. Good find RS.

  3. Yeah, I really wish that some people wouldn't be on my side.

  4. I thought the lawsuit was stupid when Ray posted about it, and I totally agree with Matt and Russell about this. The guy suing doesn't have a leg to stand on and needs to go back and study his logical fallacies, because he is basing his case on plenty of them. He also can't even recognize the difference between fact and opinion.

    His answer to Matt and Russell just seems to be 'Well, if you disagree with me you're wrong!', which is no different the fundy thought process that says the same thing.

    I'm really glad that this guy got his ass handed to him and I hope if he goes forward with the lawsuit that he looses.

  5. Agreed.
    Now I heard they're going to give those bumper stickers away for free.

    If it's true, the guy made it worse.

  6. Atheists are about the only fair game left. Imagine a bumpersticker that said Jews Are Fools! or Christians are Idiots! Would those be tolerated with a snicker? However a lawsuit gives them too much credit. As insults go, it's weak and it just shows how petty and hypocritical Christians can be. Maybe "Fool" will be the new "n****" for atheists!
    Hey Fool- wassa up?

  7. The guy who called in after him was a dumbass too. I don't know how those guys put up with it.

    As of right now the bumper sticker is still being sold on LW for 1.00.

  8. Milo,
    Foo! :)

    FD, these guys put up with a lot of crap. But, it's fun.
    If you like the show, check out the non prophets podcast (google that). It's hosted by a few of the same guys who make appearances on the television show. It's really good too. My favorite.

  9. I used to listen to the ACA. But they have people call every time who sound drunk, or insane (I have plenty of that so far). And they argue about non-issues like stickers and shit.

  10. dont forget dumbass theists, mudskipper.

  11. RS, I'm downloading some of their podcasts right now to listen to while I'm working out.

  12. Ray forgot the long lost second half of the verse:
    "The fool has said in his heart there is no god.......but the wise man has shouted it from the rooftops."

    I forget who made that second half up.

  13. My issue with "the fool says in his heart" thing is that luckily we don't think with our hearts. We use our brains. The herat is traditionally the seat of emotion.
    So the bible verse may well be accurate. Instinctively, we would like there to be a nice god who is in control and is looking out for us.
    But logically, rationally it doesn't add up.

    The fool says in his heart "there is no god". The wise man reasons with his brain "there is no evidence for god"

  14. I do not give a damn about that sticker. No atheist should care about it either. After all, some have that inverted fish with the name of darwin (which I do not particularly like either). I have seen a few that say "god is dead," and other such stuff. So, if they want to use such a sticker as atheist day april 1st, well, it is obvious to me that they have no idea who the atheists are, and are thus showing their own idiocy and ignorance.


  15. Ray's bumper sticker didn't bother me. I know his MO. I do like the Darwin fishes. I saw one with a T-Rex eating a Jesus fish that cracked me up.

  16. I think I would like the t-rex one!

  17. Hum, except that the fundies would take the t-rex one as "proof" that dinosaurs and jesus co-existed!

  18. GE,

    I'd like to have a bumper sticker that lets fundys know that the Flintstones was not a documentary.

  19. I know I'm coming into this a bit late, but I think a FAR better approach to Ray's sticker is simply to come up with one of our own.

    When Ray first mentioned this sticker, a commenter replied that a great counter to it would be to produce a bumper sticker that said something like:


    I wonder how much it would cost to whip up a batch? I'd buy one.


    That's awesome, I want one!!!!!!


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