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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Evolution will have a funeral?

Emily said...
Smith, theories aren't facts. But thanks for the chuckle. =D

And Joshua, I believe eventually it will have a funeral, but it will simply be replaced with a new theory that can best be summed up as "Not God".

As we can see, Emily here knows the TRUE meaning of a scientific theory! We can all let go of the gimmick now. She figured us out.

But thanks for the chuckle.


  1. lol. Theories aren't facts, they explain facts. Concepts that selectively avoid facts are called dogma. Adding superstition to dogma gets you religion.

  2. Hmmm...I like that "theory" Felix.

  3. I can sense the desperation in Emily's post.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Upon rereading my post above, I find it quite lacking. Thanks ranting, anyway. It's more accurate to say that making up facts and shielding them from inquiry constitutes dogma. I'll let my last sentence stand.
    Dogma and scientific theories are polar opposites.
    The religious trick, specifically of the mainstream 'moderate' churches, is to leave dogma unchanged and merely adjust the interpretation of dogma where needed. Critically scrutinizing dogma will usually meet delegation to 'the mysterious', as if declaring mystery somehow elevated an assertion above the need to be explained. It might sound snarky, but it seems to me that the status of a theologian is measured in how much he can write to fill the gap between reason and mystery. Theology appears content with declaring 'reasonable faith' as long as reason stands at one end and is connected with faith through verbosity, trying to lose superfluous transparence in between.

  6. Felix,
    Any way you cut it, your Kharma ran over their dogma.

  7. But of course evolution will die. It will resuscitate by the third day, more glorious than ever, with explanations going beyond anything we can anticipate, just like Darwin did not anticipate what genetics and molecular biology would have to say about it. This is called the new synthesis. Didn't you know?


  8. I made this point to Ray sometime ago but he completely twisted what I said- *shocker*. If biologists were to wake up tomorrow and declare the theory of evolution to be totally untrue, it would not follow that creationism would take its place. Unless science is turned on its head and is no longer science, Goddidit is not a scientific theory. So the fundamentalist are fighting a no win battle- rational thought is their enemy, not evolution. They may hate evolution the most, but no science supports their literal interpretation on the bible.

  9. And than we have the ID attempt to just redefine science - putting astrology and phrenology right there alongside creationism into science classes.

  10. 'then' not 'than'. man, my spelling's deteriorating these days. need more beer.


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