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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Matthew Parris

The UK Conservative Party saddest loss when he left. While researching Parris for my blog post tomorrow I came across this quote from him in The Times:

You are living, dear reader, at a watershed in human history. This is the century during which, after 2,000 years of what has been a pretty bloody marriage, faith and reason must agree to part, citing irreconcilable differences. So block your ears to the cooing voices on Thought for the Day, and choose your side.
“But how can you be sure?” Oh boy, am I sure. Oh great quivering mountains of pious mumbo-jumbo, am I sure. Oh fathomless oceans of sanctified babble, am I sure. Words cannot express my confidence in the answer to the question whether God cured a nun because she wrote a Pope’s name down. He didn’t. Mere language does no justice to my certainty about whether God might be waiting for the return to their Biblical lands of the Israelites, before arranging the Second Coming. He isn’t.
Shout it from the rooftops. Write it on walls. Carve it into rock. He didn’t. He isn’t. He won’t.

291 reader comments after the post, some interesting reading as the 2 camps post their stuff


  1. I'll be taking a look at this later. Thanks.

  2. This is my favorite:

    Faith is a word that means you believe what someone else tells you without evidence. Check your spam emails, if someone wants to access to your bank account to deposit $30million dollars would you give access to them? No, yet you'll base your whole life around the equivalent of an iron age Nigerian 419 scam.

  3. Religion: A snowball scheme running through Chinese whispers.


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