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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Spread The Good News!

Unlike Ray Comfort's God, we atheists are non-omnipotent and therefore limited to finite, limited means of spreading the news about the atheist strike from Ray's blog. As a result, it would appear that some atheists have not heard about it.

I suggest that, when we see an unaware atheist posting in the comments section, we break the picket line just long enough to drop him or her a polite note, along the lines of this:


Please be aware that the atheists who have regularly posting on this blog have organized a strike from posting, in protest of Ray Comfort's behavior and policies. You can find more information by Googling the word "Raytractors."


What do you folks think, good idea?


  1. Great idea. It hurts to watch new folks over there hitting the wall of willful ignorance without the guidance of those who've been there before.

  2. I don't know if the comment would get through though; I can't imagine that Ray's going to want our actions publicized on his own blog.

    If the new poster has a blog or website though, we can always send a message there?

    Still, good idea.

  3. I think it's a good idea to try, but I, too, am unsure if Ray will allow it through.

  4. It's worth a shot, but I think that only one of us should do it, so there aren't a ton of posts by us that all say the same thing.

    Oh, and how, according to your world view, can you be sure that we atheists don't know everything? You can't be sure. Therefore, we do know everything.

    (Some fundie would miss the irony of that, I'm sure.)

  5. Hell yeah! If Ray will continue to let it through!

  6. How about one of us creating a profile named Raytractor and posting once in awhile. Our views and blog link could be in the profile for those who are interested.

  7. Actually, how about if we pursue an expansion of that idea?

    We approach Ray with the idea of cross-posting. We link to Ray, he links to us. Any thread put up by either side can be commented on on either blog. This allows the atheists to naturally congregate on our side of the fence, we can still have our say, but not be subject to Ray's interference. He and his can likewise comment on threads we put up, either on our blog or his, so we have some say in the topics put up for discussion. Cross-pollination of ideas across the divide.

    It'd be an interesting experiment. Whether Ray goes for it or not is another question. Open dialog favors us, not him, so he may balk. But if he goes for it, we'd both announce the arrangement prominently, so visitors can see it.


  8. Milo said...
    How about one of us creating a profile named Raytractor and posting once in awhile. Our views and blog link could be in the profile for those who are interested.

    I kinda like this idea. Go with the consensus.......

  9. 2nding Capt. Howdy's proposition. Seems worth a shot at least. And if it worked it would be entertaining as all get out.

  10. settled then.
    I nominate any contributor to do it except for me.

  11. I like Milo's idea and I like Capt.'s idea. Either way, I'd bet my toenail Ray will try to duck 'n run, but both are worth a shot.

    We need to make sure it doesn't come across as spamming their blog though.

  12. Agree 100%. It is very painful to watch the yeomanlike efforts of steven j and others (who are doing a great job) without the ability to pitch in.

  13. Oops - spoke too soon. From Steven J at Ray's site:

    Steven J. said...
    Lauren said:
    Cynthia... the athiests are on strike.

    Yes, but the merely athy (who don't insist on being athier than everybody else) have noted that there was no actual union vote authorizing a strike, possibly because there is no actual Atheists', Infidels', and Raytractors' Union to hold such a vote. So they're still here.

    At least Raytractor's has been mentioned.

  14. If we agree to notify new visitors to Ray's of this, this site should provide a 'sticky' post outlining the tactics of denial, evasion and distraction that the Rayniacs hold in store for them. When first visiting a site such as Ray's, previous experience tells most visitors that they'll be having a discussion based on the presupposition that their discussion partners are sane, try to be honest, and that disagreement on the premises of rational discussion will lead to termination of the discussion. All three of these presuppositions are untrue at Ray's, and many more. People need to be warned before they waste hours, days or weeks before they realize that they will encounter no willingness to even consider what they bring to the table.

  15. I like Felix's thoughts. Having a no-comment sticky allows for putting back in some of the poetry that used to be in the header. Not so sure about the cross-posting idea. Let them keep their neighborhood on their side of the river, I say.

  16. Let me slap a proviso on my whole suggestion:

    We go with it, pretty much as written, but not until the 2 week stretch has passed.

    No cheap propaganda points for Ray, if you please.

  17. Yes, good idea. Like Charles, I hate to see John Doyle, David W. Irish, and Steven J. all making such good, well-written arguments and getting only insults in return. Of course they can take care of themselves, but we should offer to share this rather cool little neighborhood we're building for ourselves.

    The "hey we're here" comment might get through; it's worth a try. I think Ray would be unlikely to go for the joint blog idea, but of course we won't know until we ask.

    I can't monitor the blog(s) during the day so can't volunteer to take on the identity of The Raytractor.


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