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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Happened To The "But He Really Is A Fool" Defense?

When an atheist threatened to sue Ray Comfort for his "National Atheist's Day" bumper sticker, Ray responded,

Here's how I would build my defense:


I would say that creation is absolute 100% scientific proof that there is a Creator. A creation cannot create itself, from nothing. But that's what the atheist believes--that nothing created everything from nothing. That's a scientific impossibility, and only a fool would believe that.

A week later, when it turned out that this guy was actually serious, here's what Ray actually did:

(W)e temporarily removed the sticker from our site and contacted our lawyers for their thoughts. They told us to leave it in their hands to contact the atheist directly.


That afternoon the lawyers sent their letter to him. It said that his lawsuit was ridiculous and said that the moment he filed they would take him to Federal court. It said that there were 1200 Christian lawyers involved in the organization (the Alliance Defense Fund), and that they take threats of this nature very seriously.

The atheist immediately called them and politely withdrew the threat, and followed it up with a faxed confirmation.

So much for having the courage of your convictions.

(And speaking of lacking courage, I couldn't help but notice that Ray has removed the part from the former post that says go ahead and sue me, my name is Ray Comfort and I live in Bellweather, CA. Interesting statement about character, no?)


  1. I'm not surprised he deleted that part of his post. That's just part of his overall dishonest MO. I'm sure if he could he would delete all those parts of the Bible that Believers have to work so hard at to spin in their favor, or to make their god not look like a murderous tyrant. Pitiful, but not surprising.

  2. So he's not just an intellectual coward, eh?
    I can see it now, during the 'End Times'...

    [Interior: Living Waters Ministry]

    Raniac: Ray, what will you do if the Antichrist comes for you?
    RC: I will simply explain to him that I know some painters and builders and a failed TV-actor and that he's a fool if he doesn't worship my super-awesome gawd, it's quite simple.

    [cut to basement where workmen are furiously scrambling to install a panic room]

    [thunderous knocking on Living Waters door]

    Raniac: Oh Ray, you're so brave to stand up to the Antichrist....Ray? Ray?

    [Interior: panic room; Ray Comfort lies in the fetal position in the corner of the room,a banana in place of his thumb, endlessly repeating H-B-K-S, H-B-K-S... ]

    Raniac [answering door]: ah, the latest Million Dollar tracts, thank you. I see the weather cleared up nicely.

    [fades out to the tune of 'Growing Pains']


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