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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Rayniacs

Michelle said...


I was wondering... Do you spend the same amount of time on Islamic blogs trying to get them to denounce their religion?

If not, why not?

Benjamin - The Sower said...

Whether the strike is over or not - there's NO WAY they could stay away and simply make snide remarks on the "Raytractor" blog about Ray, and those of us who happen to be of a like-minded nature.

It simply amazes me how some of them can continue to align with one another based upon how some of them choose to act out their lack of belief...

I'm sure they would say that they are amazed by the same thing regarding Christianity, however, it's easier to find a hypocrite among the followers of Christ. Simply seek out those whose lives do not align with what scriptures say will be characteristic of a true believer...

And whether they are relatively benign, or scummy evil to the core - you can believe they hate the God they profess to have no belief in... For if they loved Him, things would be much different, wouldn't they?

and from my buddy Terry:
The National Alliance for Mental Illness diagnosed that ten million people have serious long-term mental disease. hmmm...

I figure Terry Burton accounts for at least 25% of that ten million figure.

They do crack me up.


  1. It's funny.
    They always try to convert everybody. They always try to shove their agenda in our government. In our schools. In our lives, period. They look down on us, and give us funny looks. They decide they need special treatment over everybody else. And they all think we're godless heathen bastards who hate God. Never did it dawn on them we hate what they do because of their belief. We can see Christian propaganda everywhere here in America, what with us being in a minority percent, while Christians are the majority.

    And they still ask why why we're not doing the same thing to other religions. Last time I checked, hindus weren't starting their own "scientific theories" to be put alongside the theory of evolution as a science. Muslims weren't trying to overtly attempt to preach Allah in our schools, and make the cadets at the Air Force Academy have to pray to him. We're not being mean, we're responding.

    You can't keep poking a sleeping bear. It'll wake up.

  2. That Benjamin was so funny!

    Since we do not love their imaginary friend, then we cannot but hate it!

    How insightful Benjy!

    I guess we also have fairies and santa, and all of those other imaginary thing we do not believe in. Since we do not love them, we obviously hate them too. Benjy of course hates them too, since he does not love them, right? Should we continue making the list of hated non-existent things?


  3. Rufus,

    I look in disbelief that you can read something by Terry.

    You amaze me.


  4. Get Education:

    TB (how fitting) usually amuses the hell out of me. Sometimes I wanna bitch slap him.

  5. Doesn't mean we can't get a healthy belly laugh out of it.

    We need a Terry here to post like 50 F-ing pages that I won't read.

  6. No Michelle, you 15 yr old looking 50 yr old, we obsess about your religion because it's funny and nobody owns a Koran or Whatever stupid book the mormons read, oh, I mean the bible.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Heya Fellas!!

    I think the REAL reason that you're not going after muslims is because you're afraid that they will cut off your head, blow themselves up next to you, or fly a plane into your house.

    In the US, we're relatively safe from the Islamic extremists...but wait 3-5 years.

    Anyways...have a good evening!!

  9. Michelle,

    Why would we use our time with islamics if our present danger comes from the christian fundies?


  10. Michelle said...
    Heya Fellas!!

    I think the REAL reason that you're not going after muslims is because you're afraid that they will cut off your head, blow themselves up next to you, or fly a plane into your house.

    In the US, we're relatively safe from the Islamic extremists...but wait 3-5 years.

    Anyways...have a good evening!!

    Allah is a jerky freak face psychopath. You happy?

    Seriously, what you've said was a really disgusting thing. You just assumed all muslims would do that. Just like you assume atheists hate god. How about you stop pointing your finger, and remove the plank from your own eye (Yeah, I used Jesus teaching against you).

  11. Atheists, that seems a little hypocritical...

    I mean, if you hate God, or didn't believe that he existed, wouldn't you hate all religions?

    If you did, wouldn't you spend equal amounts of time refuting and degrading each religion and promoting your beliefs in evolution?

  12. WAIT- I've just received a revelation from the almighty Gawd!

    Michelle is right! Oh, we CHRISTians are intellagint. We knoe da trooth. Michelle, letz seeng praize! I em loosing my brane to faith!

    Here’s a cool sip of water...

    Deuteronomy 23:1 ESV
    No one whose testicles are crushed or whose male organ is cut off shall enter the assembly of the Lord.

    Have a blessed day! Remember Satanists, the Lord your gawd Rebuke Thee!

  13. Hi Michelle,

    Good to see that you can read something other than Raycrap.

    WOuld you have an honest answer to this question?:

    When I was a christian I would certainly fight against idiotic arguments for the existence of god. For instance, Kirk reads a passage of the bible where the enemies or unbelievers get a toasting out of the sky. Then Kirk claims this is proof of god's existence.

    Do you truly honestly think that this is convincing to anybody who does not buy into the bible in the first place?

    I remember getting angry with those making such arguments because I saw such obvious display of idiocy harmful to the cause (of convincing that there is a god). What do you think (save the thing about me not being a true convert, concentrate on whether reading that toasting from the bible would convince anybody).


  14. If you did, wouldn't you spend equal amounts of time refuting and degrading each religion and promoting your beliefs in evolution?

    If they tried shoving their beliefs in our government and education system then yes. If there were a group of people endorsing the belief of Santa Claus, and they tried to shove their opinions and teachings based on that belief in the government or the schools science courses, I would be equally against it.

  15. Well, Michelle does have the balls to come play on our court, so to speak.

    I don't hate "religion", Michelle, but I do think all religions,Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Scientology, et al, are bullshit. I think they are all irrational, and anything built on irrationality is potentially dangerous. Anything built on faith, and "my god is the only god". I might ridicule you for denying evolution, but I wouldn't kill you for denying it.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  17. Sorry, I thought you were the other Michelle.

    Maybe your God is funnier than Allah?

  18. I don't know much about Islam, but Lot's daughters getting him drunk and raping him, COMON, that's just funny. Deadpan humor.

  19. Michelle, I've posted on Ray's blog the answer to your question. As others have said here, it's because here it's the xians who are the ones in power and influencing the gov't to their advantage, and corrupting science and history. Not the muslims.

    I point out that in that area of the world, the atheists are dealing with the muslims as opposed to dealing with christians. Get the point, yet?

  20. Michelle,

    Christianity is my priority because I am American. My family is Christian, my neighbors are Christian, my coworkers are Christian, and the people currently trying to chip away at the freedom of religion and speech in the US are Christian.

    What the Christians don't realize is that these laws are in place to protect them as well. So in the future when the population of Islam explodes and Christians no longer control the government in the US, you will be pretty sorry that you did away with all of those cool laws protecting your (and everyone's) religious freedom.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. That's a comparatively brief post from Benjamin. Apparently he's learning to compress his nonsense into tidier packages.

    Michelle, yer a witch. You'd be tickled pink to read headlines about people getting beheaded for being atheists. Imagine something unpleasant to do to yourself, then go and do it. Thank you ever so much.

  23. Well, Michelle:

    This question has also been repeatedly answered on Ray's blog. You have an irritating habit of not listening to our answers.

    Atheists in America spend most of our efforts dealing with Christians because they are the vast majority of our neighbors. Christians are the ones trying to inject their beliefs into government and science classrooms. I think all religions are BS, but Christianity (particularly fundamentalism) is the one most directly affecting me and the country I live in, so it is the one that gets the most of my attention. Why is that such a hard concept for you to grasp?

    On the other hand, do you spend as much time telling Muslims they are wrong and headed to Hell as you do to atheists? If not, why not? I'm guessing you don't because you see all Muslims as head chopping, suicide bombers.

    Why would that deter you anyway? You shouldn't be afraid of being blown up. You'll get to meet Jesus all that much quicker. Or are you not as entirely certain of your convictions as you would like us to believe?

  24. Shoot, I just realized that this post was responding to "Benjamin the Sower." Something about that guy (maybe it's his picture) just screams "douchebag!"

    I don't remember the exact quote, but I remember on one of the posts he was writing about homosexuality and how it's a temptation that we all deal with.

    I think he was trying to tell us something. Honestly, I can see a guy and say he's handsome, but I don't struggle with whether I want to kiss him or not. I think ol' Benny was trying to tell us something. Perhaps he wants to "sow" in places where Jesus says it's dirty.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Top Ten Reasons for Debunking Christians and not Muslims

    10) Moslems don't have TV shows soliciting money from the elderly and gullible

    9) Moslems don't come to my door and try to convert me

    8) Moslems aren't on the school board trying to ban books and insert ID into science classes

    7) Moslems aren't trying to change american laws to suit their beliefs

    6) There isn't a mosque on every corner

    5) Muslems don't operate theme parks

    4) Muslems aren't responsible for contemporary Christian rock

    3) Muslims don't wear braclets that say WWJD

    2) Muslims don't drive cars with bumper stickers that say "God is my co-pilot" or "Got Jesus?" or "Warning: in case of Rapture, this car will be unmanned!"

    And the #1 reason is:

    1) No muslim website entitled "Atheist Central".

  27. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  28. FD,

    You're clearly resorting to the No True Welshman fallacy to defend your heathen ways; it's obvious that you and your ilk hate god, now you just need to ask yourself a simple question:

    How do you feel about abortion?

  29. LOL Matt ! Probably the same way Michelle feels about bacon....I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, I went there.

  30. Milo,
    The Muslims do 8 out of the 10 things you listed. OK, maybe 5 out of 10. Maybe 4, but what I'm saying is, Oh wait a moment. what was I saying... crap.


    Milo! Maybe you should see the muslims in Iraq~ They do all those things!!! lol Repent!!!

    Flinging "Dirt"!
    Maybe you should stop going there, and go to your bible! Read the book of John! Repent! Or you'll be flinging fire and brimstone!!!

    Mud! Your nasty bondage work is blasphemy! You are seriously ill and must repent! Turn to the Word, because the only bond you have is with sin!

    Lance, Jesus sows where the dirty is- the dirty is sinful men! Let him sow his seed on you, Lance, and turn to Him! The Lord!

    Michelle, Amen Sista'! These damn atheists wouldn't dare resort to talking badly about Muslims! Keep fighting the fight! Jesus has sown his seeds all over you and your friends!

    Repent from Sin!! Don't be dragged down you evilutionists! I am not a space clam! I didn't come from a fish! And our uncle's not a monkey!We came from the dirt like it says in the BIBLE! His Word!! Repent!

    I was in the Tour De France, and was handing out tracts and speaking His words to all the cyclists, and everybody loved me! Carlos Sastre called me to co-cycle next to him, and I did! I said, "Wont it be great when we're able to zip thru heaven because the streets are made of gold?" He agreed.

    Repent! Watch HBKS on my blogs and website!! HBKS1.blogspot

    Praying for ya'!

    Ciao! ;)

    -In His Love,

  32. Ranting:

    You are getting creepily good at channeling Terry. Better be careful lest it become permanent and you can't switch it off!

  33. RS,
    I am starting to worry. I mean, what if Rando is right? It could be like one of those 'don't make that face or it will freeze that way' things and you could channel Terry permanently !!!


    Btw, Read Origin of the Species before it's too late !!!

  34. ranting,

    "Michelle, ... Jesus has sown his seeds all over you and your friends!"

    Excuse me while I wipe the afternoon tea from my monitor. That, my friend, was genius.

    rando / fd,

    Maybe this is how Terry accumulates all of his personalities (kind of like Agent Smith in The Matrix). Ranting, you could be next on the list...

  35. Maybe you guys are right...
    Oh man....

    I have to go listen to Bad Religion now, while reading a purely atheistic satanist scientist website.

  36. Ranting, the best part of those Terry Burton tributes is the end part where you're invited to co-something and then the guy agrees with what you're saying. I always skip down to that part first.

    I imagine that it's based on something Terry actually wrote, but since I rarely read what he has to say, I don't know what his actual claim was.

    Other places for Terry to spread the gospel:

    In Hogwart's

    In the cantina on Tatooine

    In the Nakatomi building while Hans Gruber is matching wits with John McClaine

  37. Thanks Lance. The Co-Something part is taken from a comment Terry once left over at Rays. He stated he was in an airplane handing out bible tracts, and million dollar bills, and everybody enjoyed his presence. Then the pilot asked him to co-pilot with him, and commented on "Wouldn't it be great when we're able to fly in heaven?" or something like that, and the pilot agreed.

    Its his best routine yet!

    Other places for Terry to spread the gospel:

    In Hogwart's


  38. RS,

    Let's look at how this probably really went down as opposed to Terry's off-his-whatever-meds-he's-on version.

    He was most likely really, really pestering the other passengers with his tracts and got several complaints. The steward(ess) told the pilot and the pilot probably said 'Oh hell, just bring the guy up here so he isn't a danger to anyone.'

    Then Terry woke up and the dream was over.

  39. If I was in a airplane and I saw Terry Burton in the cockpit, I would freak out.

  40. I wonder if one day we'll see on the news how they recovered the black box from a wreck, and all audible on the recording was something about secrets in hell...


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