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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ray just posted on evolution again. Does anyone find this as a desperate attempt to get us back over there? He has been upping the attack on science and atheism as of late, his comments are mostly from hand-slapping Chrisophiliacs and this makes the name change on his blog appear odd. I see this as an attempt to lure us back. Ray is chumming the water.


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  2. What FD said. I had fun at Comfort Swill or whatever its name is today, but I'm having more fun here.

    I think that Ray's writing isn't actually intended for nonbelievers (despite his claims). I think it's meant for the already-believers, to maintain that Us-versus-Them line that works so well to control people while making them think that being controlled is natural and even desirable.

  3. FD,
    I agree. I did my time over at the Comfort Zone. I am considering myself retired from commenting there unless I find something that I can throw up there that will irritate them and then just disappear. It makes no sense to read their resposes any longer.

    I'll give Stephen J some credit, but he probably hasn't yet realized that no matter what evidence he advances it is summarily ignored, although we have seen that some fence sitters and probably some lurkers have benefitted by the presence of the rationalists.

    It is no concern of mine who comments over there or even why, strike or no strike, but I have concluded that, for me, commenting there is an exercise in futility and it is a waste of my time.
    At this point there are far less regular commentors over there than we have here.

    Trying to communicate with those kooks becomes exhausting after a time. Plus, the time lag in moderation and the constant re-posts of the exact same shit is absurd.

    And yes, Wee, cults must demonize someone else to make the control system work properly.

    See ya, /d

  4. The time lag over there is a killer. You can't discuss anything, for fear of moderation.

    Either way, I've expressed time and time again that I wont be going back to Dumbfort's blog.

  5. One thing I would like to do over there is keep needling Ray about why he changed that recent post. Why can't he just admit he made a mistake, instead of deleting it and trying to hide it. Do you hear me, Ray? Why can't you just admit you fucked up? Your followers aren't going to shun you. They don't care about the dishonesty of your quote mining. Why would they care about your self plagiarism? They're as unoriginal as you are. Only a couple of them even mentioned it. Man up. Grow a pair. Come clean.

  6. Is Ray chumming the waters?

    Without a doubt.

  7. More chumming:

    Ray posted something from atheist turned deist Antony Flew. I've never felt so wanted and needed in my life.


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