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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fundie Say What?

Reddog says:

Emily,I have finally figured out the whole evolution situation.I'm afraid the evolutionists are right and the prime example is to their dismay.....that's right. Christians !! You see over many millions of years the human brain has been constantly evolving to adapt and develop.Christians are proof that some brains have evolved the capability to see those things which are spiritual whilst others such as atheists have been denied this adaptation by natural selection.It is important that we are patient with them for as we see from the fossil record, any organism that is unable to adapt is destined for the evolutionary trash heap.One last thing....It may be a consideration that in some cases we are "Casting our pearls before swine". Nuff said. Keep looking up.Luke 21:28 Blessings.RD

LOL! Epic Fail. You've never actually taken a biology class have you, Reddog?


  1. And it's the fundies that are the ones that say evolutionists promote the idea of a master race!!

  2. *facepalm*

    Now I'll lie awake trying to imagine what Reddog sounds like when he's drunk. 'Cause if this is how he talks when he's sober, then ai-yi-yi-yi-yi ....

  3. How does one "see" something that is spiritual? By this does the person mean "imbibe nonsense"?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Testing, testing, testing.

    SInce I am testing, maybe I should say something abut this "new theory of human brain evolution."

    Here is my take. I think entropy can be imagined as a force acting at way too many levels. Since it is harder to think properly, than swallowing such stupidity as christian fundamentalism, many people will go that way.


  6. Well, he's not completely wrong. Richard Dawkins has argued that religious belief may have evolutionary benefits, and/or that it may be a byproduct of evolved brain functions such as pattern recognition (leading to pareidolia) and adherence to authority. The key is reproduction. What may give religious communities an advantage is endorsement of lagomorphic breeding, confidence in divine protection when 'confronting the mammoth' etc.
    Obviously false is the idea that this in any logical way points to an actual existence of a worshipped entity. Having sex for god in a way that makes more children does not make the statements 'god wants sex' or 'sex must create children or 'god creates children' true.
    If atheists couldn't have children, or had significant difficulties in reproducing in spite of willingness, now that would be a powerful indication. Many things do evidentially have an influence on fertility, like nutrition or usage of other substances. They can increase or decrease fertility. God can't. Under the same conditions, theists aren't more fertile than atheists, Christians aren't more fertile than Buddhists.
    As has been said ad nauseum, the culture you're born into has by far the greatest influence on your religion. The susceptibility to religious beliefs may be ultimately genetic, but any specific religion definitely is not. There is no determined hard-wiring in the brain, it is a trainable organ, changing throughout a lifetime. As the Raniacs believe in the No True Christian doctrine, this alone should demonstrate that if anything, their particular sectarian viewpoint is selected against. Otherwise there would be barely any other Christian worldview.
    Ah, I forget, it's all Satan's work.


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