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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dede is Pissed!! Oh my!!

My co-blogger, Steve (whom I keep telling to get over here), called me this evening on my way to my mother's how and told me that Dede, a Christian who posts on Ray's blog and mine, has left some vitriolic remarks over at Comfort's blog about me. The strange thing is, I haven't posted there in months since my banning....for writing Jesus Titty Fucking Christ. Poor delicate Ray, he must have wizzed his shorts when he read that. In any case, I went out of my way to be polite to her, never attacked her personally, in fact, I told her on several occassions that she is welcome to post whatever she wants, to criticize me, and there would be no censorship. This is what she says about me:

dede said... hey jason...aka clostridiophile,is that how u popularize your site by "mocking" us?yeh, you state your 30yrs old, you act like your 3yr old. frankly, your no better than a "verbal abusive" bully in a playground.just know this buster...sticks and stones...grow up and talk about the science that you state you know so much about. and lay off the sauce and the dancing disco in your back yard maybe then some people can take you serious.July 24, 2008 8:08 PM

dede said... and one last thing clos,i frankly could care less if you post this rebuke in your towns billboard.you verbal filth is worse then the pig-pen that the prodigal swam in.you don't play by the rules because your a law unto yourself but watch out...whatever a man sows he WILL reap.i still love ya anyway.July 24, 2008 8:13 PM

Dede feels she should criticize me on drinking and listening to music on weekends with friends, and suggests I stick to science. Well, Dede, Christianity is a public nuissance that threatens science education, something I regard as important. I also can't stand superstition and other forms of nitwittery. Please don't respond unless you are fully prepared to dismantle atheism...by demonstrating that Christianity is factually correct. thanks.


  1. Dede reminds me of this classic tale:

    Short ugly dude attends party, ingests enough alcohol to drown his inhibitions, and stumbles up to tall, gorgeous woman. Informs her loudly that he'd love to fuck her.

    She looks down, down, 'way down at him and replies:

    "Well, if you do -- and if I ever find out that you did...."

  2. As I said in the comments on your blog, I was wondering who the hell she was talking to when she wrote that. I actually backed up and looked through the comments wondering if you had been unbanned as had posted something that pissed her off. It was just kinda out of the blue, ya know?

    I really do think she was trying to score some fundy points by posting on Comfort's blog instead of yours. Makes no sense to me otherwise because she has posted on your blog before so why not just post it there?

    What a weird one that one is.

  3. Wee, you've hurt people with that line, haven't you?

    You better put it back where you got it.

  4. FD,

    I agree with you, why not post over at my blog? Must be afraid to address me..also, as you say, she will be praised over there as having "debunked me". That is what qualifies in the Christian mind as 'debunking'- simply chastizing someone. Whatever, I don't expect much.

  5. Being short and ugly.... na, I'm tall and ugly, but it was still funny.

  6. In all fairness, I don't approve of your disco dancing either.

  7. Lance,

    You love my lady lumps though, right?

  8. What's up with fundies and calling people by their first names? Sye does the same. Are they trying to get to our "souls" or prove they really are stalkers with the hots for atheists?
    I also don't understand how she addressed you at Ray's blog, wtf?

  9. Skeptical Sorcerer,

    Easier to call me out on home soil where I cannot directly respond...kinda like "base" when you are playing tag. She is safe at "base".

  10. Damn...
    I'm waiting for Terry to start doing that to me. He has it out for me. Ever since I replied that one day...

    I was like WTF when I read her comments... It's like so random.

  11. What a coward! But doesn't that just make her look stupid? Aren't the other christians thinking "who the hell is she talking to"?

  12. SS and RS,

    I wonder if she was thinking that Ray would personally address her by insulting me...afterall, he did quote me recently, maybe that was her thinking. All I know is that she called down the thunder, and I am waiting.

  13. Maybe she is trying to win the lord Ray's approval so he can make her a saint. brownie points for Ray = brownie points for jeebus. It's like a trickle down effect: Ray wants to be jesus and fundies want to be Ray. It's only a matter of time before Ray gets bored and invites them over for "kool-aid" (TripMaster monkey said something similar on another post).

  14.      The idea of "safe at base" seems to have some merit. I put my own thoughts on Ethan's train analogy on my own blog. (I don't care to have my rants censored. And let's face it, Ray blocks posts for other than his stated reasons.) When Emily (I think it was Emily) praised Ethan's comment, I told her she could find a reply if she was interested. Joshua Black copied a small "snippet" to criticize on Ray's blog. I mean, is he afraid I'm going to find out he read my blog. I already figured it out.

  15.      Oops. I confused two replies I got (both on Ray's blog) one from Joshua Black, the other from Ethan. If either of you are reading this, I apologize.

  16. He'll begin to pass around the blood of Christ...

    ...and in other news, Cult leader Ray and Co. commit mass suicide. Dumbfort-err, I mean Comfort claims to have revived himself and the others after 3 minutes. How can you make these claims?
    RC: Well, I had faith that it would happen. Like a parachute.
    Reporter:How can anyone believe this?
    RC:Well, no one has absolute knowledge...And to say this didn't happen requires you to know ALL things. If you're honest, you'll say something like 'with the small amount of evidence I hold at the moment, I cannot know for sure. I'm an agnostic'.
    Reporter: Well, there you have it-
    RC:Have you ever told a lie?

    There is some merit to safe base.
    I mean, at Rays, we hardly have any response. There are no urls, no "profanity"[which can be saying something Ray doesn't like. He's seem to have done it before]. If I accidentally don't capitalize god it wont go through.

    ...It's CRAZY.

  18. RS,
    HAHAhahah or

    ....in other news cult leader Ray Comfort rejected medical care when found at the site of his mass suicide.
    Paramedic:we need to pump your stomach of the poison kool-aid
    Ray: what? NO! What will that do?
    Paramedic: Well you see modern medicine tells us that if we can eliminate as much poison from your stomach before your body absorbs it--
    Ray interrupts: Man knows nothing of the world! Science proves nothing!
    Paramedic: Fuck this, where's the sedation?!?!?

  19. Hahaha.
    Ray probably thinks we have "faith" in medicine.

  20. of course science is a "religion" *rolls eyes*

  21. You love my lady lumps though, right?

    Okay, TOTALLY off-topic here (I'm an admin! What are you gonna do about it! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!) BUT...

    Is it just me, or is "lady lumps" the absolute least sexy way to refer to a woman's curves? Lumps and humps? Sounds like she's coming down with something.

  22. Lance,

    I agree, "lady lumps" sounds like slang for breast cancer.

  23. Concerning the song "My Humps", has anyone seen Alanis Morrisette's parody of the song and video?

  24. Hey! Stay on topic people!

    Heh. Yeah, I saw the Alanis video - pretty amusing.

  25. dede's reaction fits one of my predictions about fundy behavior. She posted here once to address ranting's farewell address, being all superficially empathic, and then goes ballistic over something that's happening only in her mind somewhere else. That's the typical passive-aggressive streak almost all fundies exhibit. There's a black, reeking ulcer of aggressive control-lust covered by layers of superficial friendliness. The friendly part needs constant feeding (that's where the love-bombing tactic many believers employ comes in). When the threshold isn't reached because the reaction doesn't meet the expectations, it doesn't take long for the hyperbolic aggressive emotions to take over. Most people subconsciously regulate this scale harmlessly. But when one believes firmly in all-encompassing love and constantly struggles to meet an unattainable standard, even a cool reaction can cause an explosion. It's quite similar to a self-imposed borderline syndrome with a manic streak. Label the pinnacle of positive emotion Jesus and the nadir Satan, and there you have it.


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