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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesus Cat


Oh, my head hurts.

Edit - Fixed the link and made it pop - MacGyverJr


  1. I wouldn't have believed this story until this happened to me.
    I had a terrible cold and in a codine induced fog accidentally blew my nose into my Robert Tilton blessed prayer hanky. When I looked at it there was Phlegm Jesus looking back at me!

    I showed it to a friend and he offered $700 for it. He has since told me what a blessing it's been and how it has srengthened his Walk.

    I thought to myself, how could this help others. I bought two dozen hankys and talked the Younger Elder in my church into blessing them. The Pastor wouldn't.

    I blew my nose in 24 hankys and got 24 miracles. They are not all Jesus head shots though. There's Jesus' feet, His hands clasped in prayer and one of Jesus from behind. There's even depictions of scenes from Jesus' life. From loaves and fishes to the Resurrection. There's an aerial view of Him calming the Sea of Galilee. This one may be just for the ladies since every man I've shown it to either can't find or is totally uninterested in the little man in the boat.

    I will be offering these on ebay with the bidding prayerfully starting at $1,000. I need help on what to call them. I'm thinking, "Expectorant a Miracle".

    ps. The anchors name in the cat story, Stephanie Stang. Perfect porn pseudonym. Like Lance Johnson.

  2. Perfect porn pseudonym. Like Lance Johnson.

    My middle name is offended.

  3. Craig you've been blessed by the hanky.

  4. the cat's like *WTF, get me a 40 and STFU, I'm watching family guy*

  5. Sometimes the stupidity of humans is a thing to behold.

    Of all these images I've seen where people say 'Oh, look! There's Jesus on my cat !' or 'There's Jesus on a potato chip!' I've always wondered why they automatically thought it was Jesus. There are homeless people here in Vegas that live under the underpasses and they look just as much like the face they see as Jesus does.

    So why Jesus? It could look like anybody with long hair and a beard.

  6. There's a door in my house that has a marking that looks kinda like a face. I don't think it looks like jesus but if I were a christian maybe I would. I've thought about selling it on ebay or something cuz I'm sure some crazy xian would buy it, but alas, I rent the house so it's not my door to sell.

  7. I meant the other Lance Johnson.


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