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Friday, July 25, 2008

Ray Changed His Post

Check out his new post. What Ray, you wanted a place holder?
Why would you recycle something, just to throw it out?

Funniest comment:
Stew said...
"Jesus was in His resurrected body, and prepared and (presumably) ate fish with His disciples "Does the resurrected body need to digest the food? And if so, does the resurrected body have to urinate and deficate and pass flatus?And if so, does the ressurected urine and faeces smell?Does the ressurected male body have testicles? If so, what are they for?

Second funniest comment:
GWD said...
"I can’t say for sure"

Ray, if you'd just start everything you say with that clause, you'd be way ahead of the game.

Oh, and for those who caught on...

erikloza said...
Ray,That was a great post, but you published it several posts ago.I'm going to street preach tomorrow; please pray for me.

Ray, I thought you posted this before?

And just for laughs...

Brittany said...
Great cartoon, Richard G. Keep them coming!In Christian Love,Brittany


  1. RS,

    I deleted my post here, didn't see you had done this one. I owe you one from when you did that for me. :)

  2. Oh, and Stew, I loved that comment !!!

  3. Oh,
    Sorry FD!

    I really am...


  4. Ps. I can see the future, and decided to thwart your plans.

  5. No problem, you actually caught some comments that I missed over there.

    And he's doing that 'an atheist has to have absolute knowledge' shtick again. Bait away, Ray, bait away.

    I think it's funny that even his own minions called him on the recycled post.

  6. Ray Comfort deserves all the ridicule and scorn that he loves so much. I'll kiss his ass if admits his fuck up.

  7. Totally off topic, but did anyone see this comment:

    I assume the "please do not post" was directed at Ray and he posted it any way!

    ... said...
    I sent out this post to friends and here is a Pastor's response to it:
    "I would much rather be motivated in this Great Commission by the Holy Ghost over fear of the lost going to Hell. The idea of "running through the streets like a madman" warning sinners of their certain doom was neither done by Jesus (who clearly understood the destiny of the lost) nor by the Apostle Paul, who fully undertood the implication of not knowing Christ. Our motivation is the moving of the Holy Ghost within our hearts to tell the Good News of God's saving grace, as revealed in His Word. There are times when it is done through casual conversation as did Jesus at the well in John 4. Other times it is done through power encounters, like Paul in Acts 19. But however it is done the fires of Hell should never motivate us more than fire from heaven." Pastor from the Prairies in Canada.

    July 25, 2008 12:08 PM

  8. Even this latest post is basically a repeat. He couldn't come up with something original if his life depended on it.

  9. Milo,

    I did see that, and yet he posted it anyway !!

    There was another comment a few days ago (I'd have to dig back through to find it) where someone sent a comment and asked him not to post it and he did anyway. Whatta guy !

  10. Does Ray aim to humiliate all those in disagreement with him?

  11. I love how ray keeps the "didn't you post this already?" comments under his new post to make his ass kissers look like idiots. =D

  12. Exactly, sorcerer. What a damned joke. It's really a shame that the Raytards can't pry their eyelids open long enough to see the contempt that their messiah has for them.

    I really won't be all that surprised if I ever hear that Ray invited all the Raytards over to his place and threw a big Kool-Aid party - Jonestown style. That's the level of delusion and cult-of-personality we're seeing here.

  13. Yeah, I think Ray does have some of the characteristics of a cult leader. He seems to only care about himself and this mission of conversion he's concocted. In one of the first posts he wrote after we left, he thanked one of his followers for complementing him. I've never seen him do that before and he has had lots of praise given to him as I'm sure you've noticed :-). My guess is he is worried people may stop paying attention to him now that he has no atheists to fight and he is trying to keep all the followers he can.

  14. "This is a "trust," as apposed to an intellectual” belief. There is an analogy that clearly pulls this together. I can intellectually "believe" that a parachute will save me, but if I don’t put it on, my faith i s dead. The parachute won’t help me at all. However, if I trust it (put it on), then it becomes beneficial. It saves me from the consequences of a 10,000 foot fall."

    What the hell does that even mean?

    If you intellectually believe that the parachute will work, then you put it on. That's not faith, that's knowing the safety procedures of the airplane.

    ... I've heard him use this argument before, this time it is so astonishingly confusing that I need to ask.

  15. TheShaggy sez:

    What the hell does that even mean?

    It's a damn joke...that's what it means.

    Thinking that a parachute will open is not "faith"...it's a reasonable expectation. Clearly, Ray has no fucking idea what "faith" means.

    Honestly, is anyone surprised?

  16. I'm surprised he can dress himself in the morning without help because he is so damn stupid, does that count?


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