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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Raniac Advertisement

Yes, we're being advertised by Benjamin "The Sower" (What've you been sowing? Seeds?)...But, make sure to give a shout out for Bennie!

Benjamin - The Sower said...
PhilG said:You can't have something that is 'really unique' Unique is a property that either is or isn't.Okay everyone, that noise you're about to hear are the heads of countless lurking and participating atheists popping off as I point out the following...Ray, Phil gotchya' there...[gasp] this doesn't make me a "Raytractor" does it?

Benjamin - The Sower said...
Pvblivs: (sincerely sorry if I've spelled in incorrectly...you wrote: Aw, Benjamin, you read my blog.Actually, I don't think I have... Just the mudskipper, the raytractors and my new friend dan...Yours will have to wait - I'll forgo calling you a liar though - just a big assumer...


And in other news: Is local Resident Terry "The merry cherry" Burton in denial?

keywesthaven1@msn.com (Terry) said...
@ Allfiredup (impersonator)I will not acknowledge yourcomments or respond to a 'spook'.Get a Life, turn on your REAL profile, otherwise just 'buzz off' you pest. You are not the real 'Allfiredup' commentator! Get a Life atheist!


  1. I think it would be pretty bad for Terry's mental health if he allowed himself to acknowledge the truth that other fundys there think he's a certified nutcase, so yeah, he probably is in denial about it.

  2. The blogger Id profile number checks in.

    IT seems to be allfireup legit.

  3. He's a cute little psycho, ain't he? Can you imagine if Ray criticized him? He'd be on national news within a day.

  4. I agree with FD, Terry's denial is protecting him. He looks up to ray like none other and I don't want to think about all the crazy stuff he'd do if he realized other Christians thought he was a nut.


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