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Thursday, August 28, 2008

How much longer can this go on..?

I dunno, you go sailing Satan worshiping for a week,and when you return and look at Captain McThick's blog, it's sunk to whole new levels of dumb...

Even Terry Fuckwit has failed to declare Ray's last two commented posts ("Species to Species Definition" and "You are Kidding") 'good posts'. (Of course, Mr Fuckwit may be on holiday. Ray's posts being cataclymically retarded doesn't normally stop him proclaiming them works of genius.)

But seriously, these latest posts are actively imbecilic. They are now so monumentally cretinous that I'm on the point of declaring Ray's whole ministry the greatest Poe in the universe.

I'm having trouble believing that Ray is prepared to open himself and his ministry to such ridicule. Even if I were a bible-fiddler, I'd be able to pick up on the fact that the guy is clearly misrepresenting the facts. It's not even a case of not agreeing with what we say, it's the fact that we tell him 'ABC is what evolution is' and he then says, 'XYZ is what evolution is'. It's soooo transparently dishonest, even believers can see it. I have to wonder if he's having some sort of breakdown or something. Anyone normal would have seen the creaming he's taken and change tactics - delete the blog or something - anything - to protect his livelihood.

The only thing I worry about is whether - and the evidence isn't good for suggesting he's got the wherewithal here, but on the otherhand, ripping people off for thousands of denari a year suggests some level of cunning, (if not morals) - Ray's actually using Atheist Central as a way to deflect attention from something else, or that it's actually of no real importance.
I don't think he is, or that it is. I think he's really, really fucking stupid, but it gives me a little difficulty to imagine a man so demonstrably thick and yet still able to pull up his own underpants.


  1. The breakdown theory has been crossing my mind too...if I didn't know better I'd think Ray was having a crisis of faith and was using his blog in some sort of test of the depths of his own faith.

    As in, how many stupid ideas can he put out there and suffer the rebuttals and yet maintain his faith? Perhaps he is crying out for help from us godless heathens?

    However, reality kicked in and I realised that this level of imbecility is in a sense self-sustaining. I kind of concluded along similar lines to your last sentence. I think that pretty much sums it up.

    Great Post!!!

  2. Yeah, great post!

    From Terry.. Sorry, I mean Chris..

  3. He can make the most outrageous, ignorant, slanderous claim, slap on a bible verse after it and think he's channeling god. If it wasn't for the deference religion gets, he'd be committed.

  4. My pet theory is that Ray knows exactly what he's doing. After all these years he must have a basic understanding of evolution, at least enough to know when he's stating a blantant falsehood. I'm not accusing him of totally understanding the theory- but at this point he knows enough that he can't say dogs should give birth to kittens. That is a simple enough concept that even Ray could grasp it. I gather he's not stupid- he is running a company. That leaves mistating the facts on purpose-lying. Why is doing it so frequently? What does he get out of it? I guess he likes the reaction and he's too lazy to come up with something more subtle.

  5. Very funny post, BaldySlaphead.
    You've helped me to start the day off laughing.

    Craig B.

  6. Amazingly, it can go on forever.

    I'm as miffed as you are by it all, but when it comes to evolution, the minds of believers seem to switch into a mode that protects against cognitive dissonance by making illogic the norm...or something like that. I'd love to see a serious study on the psychology at work because the degree of irrationality present when fundies consider evolution surpasses any garden variety stupidity or ignorance.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Hi again Craig stranger,

    Good to know that Joseph is NOW a candidate for the PhD. This works a little differently from place to place, but I guess he had one of those big exams with several profs making questions and all. Those can be quite hard. I actually enjoyed my "oral exams" a lot.

    What I was about to ask you about was what you think now of Ray. He has really gone nuttier than usual. Very evidently so.

    I truly started posting because I felt angry as hell that he would abuse the christians trust in him to misinform them, to spread lies and deception.

    What do you think by now?


  9. Hi, Get_Ed.

    Yes, Joseph's written exam took place over a three-week period. He over-prepared for the oral. He was sweating bullets, but it turned out to be easier than he had feared.

    What do I think of Ray? I love Ray Comfort. Do some of his posts puzzle me? Yep, some of them really do.

    I am just grateful for the opportunity to comment there, and I try to honor the Lord Jesus and the gospel.

    Craig B.


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