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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Site Statistics Part 2

It has now been about 1 month since I started tracking the data for Raytractors, so without further ado, here are the numbers for that time

Total Visits - 13,285
Absolute Unique Visitors - 3,329 (~196.29/day // outliers 111 & 389)
Pageviews - 36,446
Average pageviews - 2.74
Avg. time on site (per view) - 8 minutes 22 sec

User Stats:
And just because I have the data, over the last month we have received about 20 total visits from LivingWaters network. I'll have 1 more detailing where our readers are from.


  1. Wow,
    10 views from Thailand. Greece too.

    Can you break down the USA views by state?

  2. From Living Waters the corporation. I bet they check out the mean things we say about their herder. I mean boss.

  3. It will be on the main page in 3, 2, 1...

  4. Interesting.

    It seems like the more West the more hits, with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

    Could it be radiation or global warming that affects the results?

  5. I think those "Unknown" operating systems would have been me when I was checking comments on my phone while at a particularly boring assignment.

    That's kinda cool, though. Ray totally reads it here. You notice how Maragon (I think it was Maragon) posted the comment about hating "We win in the end," and then not one, but TWO posts come out in that spirit? Yeah you know what I'm thinking.

  6. All the cool atheists use Firefox. ^_-

  7. Oh, and thanks for compiling this data, it's super interesting and informative.

  8. Yeah, good job, Mac Jr. I sometimes wonder if I'm responsible for all 291 of West Virginia stats.

  9. "10 views from Thailand" ... that may have been me in July as I was there for the month.


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