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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Debunking evilution?

Hey guys!

A long time. This post is kind of a test of honesty for the Christians.

My Christian friends,

This is a re-post of something I wrote at Ray's, with a few editions for better clarity. I would like to know what you think of this, and whether this convinces you that Ray and Kirk's "Evolution" is actually dishonest:

How could the WOTM about Evolution be brilliant? You call telling lies and doing ridiculous acts of dishonesty brilliant? What would you think of a video against God where I would go outside and ask unaware teens whether they have proof that God exists? Then I get them to hesitate about what they think that is writen in the Bible, get them to say they are no expert priests, then put them into some fallacious test where they would have to conclude that there is no God. Would that be "Brilliant"? Wouldn't you wonder why did I not interview Ray (for instance), or someone alike? Someone who has supposedly thought about it, rather than any random teen at the street?

Then, suppose I also go and make false statements about the "theory of God's existence"? Imagine that I say that to prove the God of the Christians it is necessary to examine all of the printed copies of the Bible, no matter which version. Then I say: according to the Christians, the Bible is the inerrant word of God. To prove this we should not find a single typo in them, not a single copy of it with misprint, nor anything alike, because it is the work of God, and thus every copy has to be pristine and perfect. Then I show you a few copies, taken from some place where Bibles have to be old, odd printed, and tattered by time and use, let us say these come from a time and place when Bibles were forbidden, and thus printed in basements with poor equipment and low-quality paper, then I claim, you see, all Bibles are like this! Would that be "Brilliant"?

Then I proceed and go searching for someone with mental problems, and take him/her for dinner, and I show that he/she has no manners, and spills everything, or whatever, then claim, well, he/she should be perfectly well behaved, this is what you should expect since the creationists would want you to believe that we were created to the image of God. How come this person has so much trouble with table-manners? Would that be "Brilliant"?

I could continue, but seriously, would you call such a thing brilliant, or preposterous bunch of lies, full of treacherous tactics, and misrepresentations?

Please be honest guys, now compare my imaginary video on "The theory of God's existence" with the Evolution video. Do you see the problem with Ray and Kirk or not?



  1. Just wanted to say its good to have you back, GE.

  2. I hope the Christians respond.

  3. What thread did you post it in?

  4. Thanks magical nonmagic.

    Hi Jason,

    Hum, I hope they respond too, but it does not seem that promising, does it? I do not remember which thread I posted it in originally. It was not one on evolution, but on something else, but for some strange reason Brittany posted a little note saying "Last night's WOTM on evolution was brilliant!" That was it. So I answered her with this. I did not get a single answer despite many many posts appeared afterwards. I guess that, when confronted with something that clear they rather not say anything.


  5. I get the same reaction when I offer to buy one of them a book.

  6. These guys are worse than I thought. Well, I should no longer be surprised.Benjamin read this, and justified everything.

    To the point one, he says Ray was showing how people believe things without truly understanding them, yet in the video ray is clear that he is talking about "atheists". he never ever said people believing things without understanding them, he says "atheists use such language as 'maybe,' 'perhaps,' 'I am not an expert'" .... I am getting angry, so I stop right here before I say something I will be sorry about later ...



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