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Friday, August 29, 2008

Ray is an "absolute" idiot

Ray et al. think that Christianity gives them a sense of "absolute" morality...where everything is simply cut and dry. He says this:

"Atheism has no moral anchor. There’s no absolute right or absolute wrong. That’s why you can advocate murder and not feel bad about it, all in the name of compassion. "

Ok, Ray, speaking of "murder", or more generally, the act of purposefully taking another person's life, is it absolutely right in all cases at all times and places or is it always, absolutely wrong?? Is it absolutely right or absolutely wrong to steal food? Can you, Ray Comfort, ever think of a time when murder or stealing is acceptable? If so, your morals are relative. Situational.

P.S. I haven't been around much due to my teaching schedule and research obligations.....I haven't forgotten about you all! Take care, be in and out from time to time!!! Fuck Ray!


  1. Durr - not all killing is murder, obviously.

    It all depends on whether you're going to end up having to eat your words or not and would look like a hypocritical idiot.

    If you are, then it wasn't murder.

    Shirley it's obvious?

  2. Hey Clos, I've missed your posts.

    I hope you're doing very well in your teaching.

    ...funny, a God who gives absolute morals surely wont change his mind as much...Which is it, Eye for an Eye or turn the other cheek!?

  3. I find it amusing (and scary) that the pro-life advocates are so keen to jump through morally relatvistic hoops to justify gun ownership, the death penalty and the killing of civilians in war. The ten commandments are pretty clear on not stealing or killing, yet the Israelites seem to kill and steal from rival tribes with impunity and the blessing of Jehovah.

  4. You have nothing to apologize for, Clos. I'm sure your teaching and research are at least as useful to the world as our blogging. Take care.

  5. baldyslaphead said,

    "Shirley it's obvious?"

    It's very obvious, and don't call me Shirley :)

    Wee and R.S.,

    Thanks alot, its been tough lately, and its fixing to get tougher!

  6. Clos

    You hit the nail so square on the head with this one. This is one of the most damaging parts of fundamentalism...it shrinks the minds into this tunnel vision of absolute thinking. Everything must be our way or the wrong way, good or evil, no room for gradation. And even worse, no room for the possibility for them to consider they just might be wrong. All the subtleties, nuances, complexities of nature, especially human nature, are not considered. This makes for an ignorant mind, and that leads to prejudices and we all know where that leads…
    It’s childish.

    BTW Clos, you should quit your job so you can blog more often.

  7. I replied to this comment of Ray's, and asked him whether slavery and genocide are absolutely right or wrong, and so far he's failed to answer. For some reason......

  8. Hey guys.

    I have absolute 100% scientific proof that Christianity offers absolute morals. Would anyone like to hear it?


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