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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Big Xtian supersite...

If nothing else, the internet is a great time-wasting device. Maybe the best toy ever invented. Here's where I'll probably be wasting a little more of my time--a big Christian website.

Many of you may know them:

CARM, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Owned and/or run by Matt Slick.

I know they're Xtian, but still I'd say he's put a little work into his site. Nothing that can't be easily knocked down natcherly, but still I like his approach to apologetics somehow. (I mean this as a comment about his presentation only, not about his beliefs themselves. Doctrinally, he's garden variety evangelical, so far as I can tell. And about as easy to disarm.)

They even have a chat room. I've been there once, it was pretty cool. Interactive, real-time bronze-aged stupidity. If it was any more fun and bad for you it'd come with fries.

If somehow you're reading this, Matt--

You're Slick, I'll give you that. But I somehow doubt you're really going to fly like a kite someday. Sorry. That's just the hard truth, amigo.


  1. I think that CARM is the biggest supplier of quotes to Fundies Say the Darnedest Things. I've seen the username "Trinidad and Tobago" there come up with some far out shit.

  2. Could you explain the kite thing? I was there once, quite a while ago, and I don't remember any reference to it, nor do I particularly want to go back there.

  3. I found this on the site:

    Following is an email I received that represents the hostility of secular schools.

    Our daughter had acquired an atheist's heart since leaving home and attending college. It seems that the books in college breed atheists, because they are full of the philosophy of anti-God thinking. She has been in college for four years now, and one of the last times we had a chance to talk to her, she said that she doesn't think about sin, or heaven, or hell anymore because, according to her, they do not exist. She said that when she was young and asked the Lord to come into her heart, she did not know what she was doing because children do what they are told.

    The big bad scary atheists are persecuting the godly christians and giving their children heart transplants.

  4. Rapture Ready is another good one for fundy nuttines entertainment

  5. Like this ignorant ass comment, after a listing of some of the religions a military chaplain is expected to be aware of and recognize....


    "When I first joined the military 34 years ago, you were either catholic, protestant or Jewish. Nothing else...just as it now should be.

    This is the military bending over for these dangerous fringe groups, at our expense.

    The beliefs of some of these is just way out there...It's no wonder we're going down the tubes fast. It's bad enough that there are people who actually believe this stuff much less the military giving it recognition.

    Write your congresspersons!..."

  6. "...The beliefs of some of these is just way out there...."

    And the universal supply of irony underwent another cosmic embiggenment.


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