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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh no !! No, it can't be true !!

Terry has a kid?
The Teens 4 Christ forum was pretty depressing, but this may just slip me over the edge. I really, really, hope that this is just another one of his delusions.


  1. An adopted kid.

    We can only hope that Terry himself is sterile.

  2. Is this kid also a Science Degree Person?

  3. TB (as in a disease) has stated he's married and has two kids. Now he says he's adopted a kid. I'm skeptical. He hardly ever mentions them. There aren't any personal photos at his site or gajillion blogs. It could be true, but I have my doubts. If he does have biological children, there goes the gene pool.

  4. ...I keep depressing everyone...

    Damn you Bro Randy and Teens 4 Christ... better not bring up Rapture Ready...D'oh!

  5. It's obviously the child of one of the pregnant teens he counseled. He carried it in his duffel bag as he traveled the world. He did what any man of god would do. Or maybe not.

  6. Rapture Ready ???? That did it.

    :::turns on oven and puts head in::::

  7. I had set up an anonymous Hotmail address in order to communicate personally with TB. He sent me a photo of two boys on horseback whom he says are his sons from his first marriage. He also sent me a photo of him with an Asian woman he says is his second wife, Yoko. He says the adopted son is none of my business. He said I don't need to see recent photos of his sons, and that he has a photo of "Yoko" in white. So much bullshit comes out of his mouth, that I'd have trouble believing him if he said water was wet and ice was cold. If it's true, two different women married him. That is staggering.

  8. This kid might stand a chance since he obviously would not have inherited any DNA from Terry.

  9. Rufus, WOW!! This has got to be some more of his wild imaginings. But then again, women have been known to marry some pretty strange men, so maybe.....

    Can you imagine what life in that household would have been like?

  10. Possible explanations-

    mail order Christian Brides?

    only picture of adopted kid is the one initially provided by Sally Struthers along with his pledge of $29 per month?

    Every time I read one of Terri's posts the image comes to mind of a scene of the annual Halloween parade in Key West (fabulous, if you have never partaken of it) with one angry dude wearing a sandwich board sign that says "REPENT SINNERS" on one side and "HELL AWAITS YOU" on the other waving his hands and shouting like a madman at the frolicking crowd who look at this deluded wretch and tell him to go fuck himself, or to just lighten up and enjoy the party.


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