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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Terry Burton -- Jack of all trades, master of none

Let's see, he was a copilot on a commercial plane, he is or has been married with 2 kids, has adopted a kid who is now 17 and entering the military, he's been a counselor in the military and now he has been a police officer in the military. Oh and don't forget that science degree!!


  1. I've calculated this and for Terry to have done everything he claims, even if he only spent one year at each one, he would need to be seven hundred fifty nine years old.

  2. Dale, I came up with a little older.

    Did you forget to carry the "self righteous tool" or multiply by the "passive-aggressive asshat"?

  3. You mean "jack-off" of all trades.

  4. Did anyone catch in one of TB's recent posts he wrote that mankind doesn't have the right to "perform sex changes on babies"?

    What the fuck is he talking about there?

  5. Rufus,


    (Sorry, I've been wanting to do that since you put up the new avatar.)


    Probably my favorite episode.

  7. Terry

    Mankind does not have the RIGHT to take life away, or pick n choose. Mankind does not have the RIGHT to do sex changes on babies either!

    Me to Terry

    Where did that come from? That is actually quite progressive of you! An infant born with ambiguous genitalia should not be given surgery based on what gender doctors may perceive it to be.

    Terry to Me

    I am talking generalizations on natural births, and the parents suddenly decide they want a girl instead of a boy.


  8. Daddy,
    I divided by 0.9 for "benefit of the doubt" so our answers concur.

  9. Interesting Thread post I also asked if the picture of a needle & thread holding hands was alluding to sex. Ray did not post that comment. The needle seems to be looking at the thread with lust in his (her?) heart.

  10. gcchprq"I am talking generalizations on natural births, and the parents suddenly decide they want a girl instead of a boy."

    I'm sorry Milo, but I'm gonna have to argree with Terry on this one. Wow, you atheits really are sick...get a life 'A's before it's too late, IRT

  11. Just for the record, there are biths where the sex of the child is blurred. Parents have to make a choice of what sex organs to eliminate or whether to leave the baby "as is."

    The problem is that no one can yet know what sex the brain of the child will have.

  12. ...and they nearly always opt to turn the child female - physically, at least - because it's easier to do halfway convincingly. Which is great, unless you're a bloke.

  13. yeah, I heard something about how most all babies born with ambiguous genitalia are surgically changed to be physically female.

    On a side note when I first saw this post I read "Tim Burton Jack of all trades, master of none" and was immensely confused. I was thinking "does Burton have a new movie coming out or something".

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. the Shaggy:

    I think the stuff about Peru and China is from something that TB regularly copies and pastes from a man named Eugene West. Although Terry was probably his guide.

  16. I'm convinced he's disturbed IRL. It could be a lack of education, or perhaps the inability to put thought to paper - but his logical leaps are almost always nonsensical.

    I guess he could be a troll or a bot, or perhaps Ray's alter ego. In any case, he doesn't appear to be receptive to the thought process...

  17. Yeah, rufus, that's why I deleted the comment :-) I saw that after the fact.


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