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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Telling Trend:

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed an interesting trend in Ray's posts. Out of his last 20 posts, NINE of them have contained a direct quote from an atheist commenting on his site.

This gives the illusion that Ray is "addressing" the arguments of the atheists, when in fact, he's doing the exact opposite - using his bully pulpit to take cheap shots. Moreover, the posts addressing the atheists' comments usually don't even contain honest replies to the comments, but instead only trite, pithy dismissals such as "God will not judge you by the Constitution, but by His Law", and "Can you email me any evidence you can offer to show that atheism is real?".

Ray, if you want to actually discuss the issues raised by your commenters, please do so...in the comments section, where the person addressed has the opportunity to make a reply in kind. Using your bully pulpit to make your "replies" is a dishonest and cowardly tactic, and everyone knows it.

It would be nice to see you actually make your case over here, where the comments are instantly visible and your ridiculous censorship rules don't apply...but I know it would be asking too much to expect you to participate on a playing field that's truly level...


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. He always said he was going to get to his "over 100" Atheist questions.

    He's missing the thousands more here, though.

  3. The funny thing is that the latest one he posted was mine. I didn't make any comment supporting or opposing legalized abortions. Someone asked if unborn babies had constitutional rights, and I said no because they are not considered US citizens.

    I feel kind of quote mined. :/ But I forgive Ray. I like how he keeps his blog updated, and he doesn't always give one-line replies to comments. Remember the Tiktaalik response a few days ago?

  4. Kaitlyn, I know you think Ray is a nice guy. He's not. Stick around long enough and he'll prove it to you. It took him about three months to prove it to me.

  5. I need to correct something,

    I wrote, "I feel kind of quote mined."

    However, now that I've read the responses, I feel totally quote mined. My quote was taken totally out of context and used to assume it's a justification for abortion.

    I purposefully didn't share my feelings or opinions on the topic of abortion for a good reason. I only wanted to answer a legal question about the constitution and why certain clauses don't apply to unborn fetuses.

    And Weemaryanne,
    Thanks for the heads up.


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