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Monday, August 25, 2008

Not that I'm surprised.......

Sye fails again.

And this time, it's epic. He's actually caught the attention of the posters at the JREF. Of course, now that he's caught their attention he can't do anything useful with it - he's simply regurgitating the same arguments that were refuted here and on Stephen Law's blog.


  1. No matter how many times I see that moronic "Proof that God Exists" website, I still get a chuckle out of it. It's just one big exercise in false dichotomy...now, whenever someone asks me to explain the logical fallacy of the "False Dilemma", I just point them to that site.

  2. "Debate presupposes the universal, abstract, invariant laws of logic. How do you account for them according to your worldview?"

    I'm going to start using this line in real life everytime someone disagrees with me...I wonder how long it will be until I get shot?

  3. My favourite thing about the Sye debates was when he realized I wasn't swallowing his bullshit and that a 23 year old girl was making his look foolish. He then changed his tactic to calling me ugly and disappeared shortly after from our blog.

    The part where he claimed that random numbers didn't exist was great too.

  4. Oh Sye.

    Oh JREF forums.

    So gonna rip him a new one after trying to fight him logically.

  5. Oh, well, as somebody at Stephen's blog said, we should not feel sorry for Sye, he is perfectly happy in his fantasy world. That is true. I can see the guy answering:

    Under what standard of logic do you assume I live in a fantasy world ...

    Bull Shit!

  6. Actually, in his mind Sye never fails. He is totally convinced that he shows that we are "suppressing the truth."


  7. "in unrighteousness"


  8. Oh, he's pulling the "absolute truth" claim again... that it's either absolutely true or absolutely false.

    Of couse, when you tell him that HE'S makin absolute statements about God, he dances around it with a "I know that God absolutely exists, but I don't have to absolutely know it... there's a difference."


  9. Well, I've posted over at JREF, telling them of all the places I knew where Sye showed up before.

  10. Maragon, I think you're much cuter, and orders of magnitude smarter than Sys.

    This from a broad who's had a thing for bald guys since I was about half your age.

  11. Thanks Maryanne.

    I have a thing for "eccentric" looking men myself....muscle-bound guys bore the hell out of me - give me a tall, skinny, nerdy guy, or a man with some meat on him any day.

  12. Actually, Megan, you should feel pretty good when a man who has been wrong about everything he's ever uttered calls you ugly.
    FWIW, as far as I can see he's wrong once again.


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