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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Response to WeeMaryAnne

I find argumentum ad lim'rick
To be little more than a gimmick.
Only substance will trump.
Leave your rhymes in the dump,
Or I fear that Ray Comfort you'll mimic.


  1. Hmm:

    - Better rhymes.
    - Better grammar.
    - Much better scansion.
    - AND it makes a point.

    (a la Monty Python's Black Knight):

    Why, 'tis nothin' but a flesh wound!


    Well done, sir!

  2. There once was a blogger from the net
    Who saw creationism as an intellectual threat.
    Then one day, on their computer display,
    They wrote a limerick with the ascii character set.

  3. I'm not gonna let him get away with insulting you, Wee.

    Comparing someone to Ray Comfort is worse than comparing someone to a steaming pile of fresh dogshit.

  4. Oh come now, Dale, you know turnabout is fair play, especially in satire. I warned Silentdave "god is gonna getcha" and he told me "Ray Dumbfort is gonna get YOU." So we're even.


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