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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A few quick links

This doesn't relate directly to Ray, but I found these to be interesting and thought I'd share:

I subscribe to Skeptic magazine and get their eSkeptic newsletter. In this edition there is an article about flagella myths. As many of us know, the bacterial flagellum is often cited by IDers as proof of intelligent design by using the argument of irreducible complexity. This is a short article and not as strong as some others I've seen, but it does help expose how Behe and others are being less than honest in their tactics when they use the bacterial flagellum in their arguements.

In case you have never read it, here is a link to Bertrand Russell's 'Why I Am Not A Christian' essay. Theists reading here may also find this interesting.

And finally, I know a few of us are waiting impatiently for Bill Maher's Religulous to come out in Novemeber, but there are some Catholics that are pretty twisted up about it, as can be seen here on the Catholic Discussion Blog. It's not that they are upset about the movie that I found interesting, it's the arguments they use. And you thought the Rayniacs had some skewed ways of defending their beliefs??? Well they do, but the comments about the movie was where I found the real fun. This is taken from the comments section:

Skeet King of All Says:

Bill Maher was recently in some trouble for his thoughts on religion which he made public on his show. He has always pushed the envelope looking for that hit or miss. He suffers from the sin that sends most people to hell. He does his “research” as he sees fit. He tries to get people to see things his way, and to “open” their eyes. There is no doubt in my mind that Satan has a special place in h**l for people like him. He may not believe in h**l right now, but he will sooner or later.
Aside from getting angery which is only normal, maybe we caould pray a Novena to St. Claire of Assisi that he will have a change of heart, and of course that his movie will bomb.

And there's an example of magical thinking at its finest -- lighting a candle and praying to a dead person for a physical effect in the real world. *sigh*


  1. Nonmagic,

    That Skeptic newsletter was great, I got it myself yesterday. I have been following the flagella argument for awhile, but this was a new angle that I hadn't considered. Wonderful info.

  2. Love the flagellum article. A must read (and save) article for anyway who occassionally does battle with fundtards.

  3. Yep, but let us not forget those other structures that share many parts with the flagella, yet do something different. Like the Type III secretion system of many pathogens. Lots of proteins in common with flagella. Lots of "parts missing," yet these systems are functional, and illustrate well how flagella could evolve from simpler things. Thus, no such thing as "irreducible complexity." Take a look at the videos with Ken Miller. Lots of nice insights into evolution, and on why creationists arguments are bogus.


  4. Oh, Ken Miler starts right after this priest finishes his prayer ... I was not setting you up for a religious video. :-)


  5. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the links!

  6. Is it really that difficult for Catholics to spell "religulous"?

  7. "Reality is not relitive, if there is no God then everything makes no sense, because anything goes, it just not logical."



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