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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is it safe to say?

Is it safe to say that since McCain has picked a creationist who wants "both sides" taught in a science classroom that none of the Raytractors who are U.S. citizens are going to vote for him?

You pesky Canadians better not find a way to vote for him!


  1. Yeah, I was worried about that.

    But, if she is so uptight about teaching the controversy, she might as well teach both sides of:

    Global Warming


    The Moon Landing


    The Holocaust

    Let the kids choose what side they want to believe in, eh?

  2. Okay, scratch abstinence off of there it doesn't apply to us.

  3. I worry that they'll actually win.

    I'm an engineer and our offices are full of socially conservative, bigoted people.

    "Oh, gas is so high that I can barely afford to fill up my 1 ton pick-up that I use to run around town in."

    "I'm just gonna quit work and live off the government it Obama gets elected."

    "Global warming is crap. It's cooler this year than it was last year."

    "Gas prices went down. Is that because of Obama's tire gauge or because McCain is gonna drill?"

    Idiots. I used to argue with them, but now I just shut up and work. I don't have time to straighten their spaghetti logic.

    I do worry those idiots will cause McCain to win, though.

    Daddy Stegosaurus

  4. I'm Canadian and it worries me mccain will win, so I can't imagine how you Americans must feel. If I could vote I guess I would vote for obama. I don't agree with him on some stuff, but I think he'd make a hell of a better President than mccain.


    That would piss me off, when people spout such nonsense day in and day out I'd find it hard to not get into a debate with at least one of them. It's probably better not to get into too many fights at work though.

  5. ha ha RS, I like those points, nice.

    Wouldn't vote for him anways,(I actually try to support 3rd parties)

    But I was surprised at how McCain supporters reacted to his pick. Everyone Republican I've talked to, friends, family, co-workers, online peoples, all think it was a great choice. I don't get it??? I don't wanna get it.

  6. There's no way in hell I'd vote for McCain, but I made my mind up as soon as I found out months ago what Obama stood for and I haven't even come close to wavering on my decision.

  7. Not to mention McCains views on abortion- "human rights begin at conception". Dumbass. Now he has a running mate who thinks all abortions should be outlawed. I was so mad I wrote a post about it. Fertilized eggs do not have human rights. Vote Obama.

  8. What really pissed me off is how Palin is anti gay rights, but at the same time I'm not surprised.

  9. Palin is also pro death penalty. I never understood how people who were so passionate about creating as many humans as possible could be for the death penalty.

  10. I haven't voted republican in 25 years. Obama would almost certainly be a better president.

    Because of that, I have little doubt we're going to lose again. I mean, if we couldn't beat Bush...

  11. I'm starting to think we'll have to wait for the rapture to vacuum all the mouth-breathers up to heaven before we stand a chance of winning another election.

  12. Hah!

    I'd be surprised to see them go, but I can't say I'd miss them!


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