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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something I have to admit...

Many of you guys may know this already- But for those who do not, well, I'm going to tell you something about myself.

I like visiting Christian forums of the outrageous degree, and tend to gravitate towards any discussions of science. Of course, science is used extremely loose in this case.

I found Teens 4 Christ one day, a Christian Forum for teens and young adults. Specifically, the thread 'what about evolution?'.

Don't worry, you don't have to visit if you don't want to- Good thing your neighbor R.S. has provided you a high-light reel. Enjoy!

I mean we didn't "evolve"from monkeys.Evolution is a major topic in my younger youth group,my friend says "If we "evolved"why aren't there any new humans walking outta the Birmingham Zoo?" which I think we need to ask the Scientists that question.Any comments?

AMEN... I agree with you. The funny thing is, even Darwin himself said there was no way evolution was true.

I agree it's just another thing to distract people from the Bible. Darwin, before he died though, said that the theory he made up was false.

Evolution is not as widely believed now than it was a few years ago however, scientists are beginning to accept the fact that a higher being created us.

Yea and many scientists are seeing how invalid and false evolution is. Many are turning from evolution and to The LORD.Billy

Shane, I must admit, you are very subtle. The existence of God is proven in the Word of God, by the very creation you live in and, if you are saved, by His residence in your heart. Evolution, on the other hand, has no sufficient evidence to prove it.

Lol My thoughts exactly! A real hilarious one is the church of the flying spageti monster. People will even follow pasta just so they don't have to answer to God. Very sad.

But, Roger, the 'science' has been proven by honest scientists to be flawed, at best. PLUS, the notion of evolution is a THEORY. That means it HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN. Actually, since it is false, it will never be proven.

what about skin color in humans? we would have had to evolve differential skin colors because there are so many skin colors and only adam and eve at the beggining.

INTERESTING FACT1the sun shrinks 2 feet everyday!!!therefore if the world were more then 5000 years old the earth would have been burned upBECAUSE THE SUN WOULD have been SO CLOSE!!!2 some of the planets have layers of iceso the world cant be more then 5000 years old or the ice would have already melted!!!and so many other scientific facts!!that proves tha evolution is not true!!

and my favorite.....

Yeah!And do You even know what "evelution" means... it means "made up"! And if we were made from monkeys why arn't they still evolving ??? Anybody got a answer lol!


  1. RS:

    Thanks for depressing the ever lasting shit out of me.

  2. Why are half the members of that thread in the group "Acct. Disabled" which I assume is their equivalent of being banned...

    It wasn't just the people who tried to correct them either, it was quite a few members :S

  3. Rufus,
    I apologize. Oh, I've been a bad man.

    Sometimes I've wondered that. Maybe they disable some other accounts to get rid of 'speculation'.

    Quiz time---

    1) How many of these posters were homeschooled?

  4. Wow....

    Let's see here:




  5. I pity you Americans.

    I mean that in the nicest possible way.

    Canada isn't as secular as parts of Europe but people spewing this kind of ignorance in Canada usually get attention not because people agree with them, but because people consider them to be bat-shit insane.

    I was schooled in the Roman Catholic schoolboard all the way from JK-12 and I learned about evolution in the science classroom - there was no controversy or conflict of interest.

  6. Rando,
    I like your grading scale.

    You have to know that in America, catholics are out shadowed by Christian denominations like Fundamentalists and Evangelicals.
    They tell their flock about the evils of science.

    Reason is left out of the pews.

  7. RS-

    I think Roman Catholicism is still Canada's biggest 'belief system' in Canada, according to the last census. However, I would assume that a large chunk of these people identifying themselves in such a way are families like mine or my fiances - lapsed Catholics who have some sort of vague, wishy-washy god-belief but never attend church or talk about their 'beliefs' to others.

    The second largest 'belief' demographic in Canada? No belief.

    I'm not saying Canada's perfect, we've had our fair share of crazy assholes(*cough* Sye *cough*), but 9 times out of 10 our crazies seem to move on down to the States - where they can find more of a following.

  8. "Canada's biggest 'belief system' in Canada, "

    Clearly I need more caffeine. Or less. But to clarify, the issue here is not having the exact RIGHT amount of caffeine.

  9. HAH...my favorite mind bending post from the site is this,

    "The true gospel, the gospel of Christ, is one of free salvation. One need only ask God for salvation, and God will give it. Salvation is not a free gift, it is a gift that has already been paid for. Salvation is a gift that has been paid for by the shed blood of Jesus Christ."

    Soo...is it free or isn't it?

  10. WTF? Is this what teens talk about these days. What happened to the great all-American teenage pastimes of getting high and trying to get laid?

    The sad thing the bible is making these kids stupier than any drug usage ever could...goddamn chritianity ruining my nation's youth!

  11. The most wretched comment I found was this:

    "lol ive never understood how people can believe in evolution in the Big bang sense, because theres a massive hole in their theory, for their theory there needs to be something there to start off with and nobody can ever explain where that someting came from. its quite fun making my science teachers stutter when i point that out."

    Creationists are raising bratty, disrespectful kids who feel entitled by their parents, churches, and social groups to mock teachers. The list of questions to ask your biology teacher (recently discussed in the NY Times) is an example of this.

    And thus we have another generation of fucktards.

  12. "What happened to the great all-American teenage pastimes of getting high and trying to get laid?"

    Nafa, I'm in my 30s and doing my best to compensate for the little fundies who aren't carrying on these traditions.

  13. This is what Vera's homeschooling is going to make her kids sound like, I just know it.

  14. Geoff,

    I salute you. You are a true patriot sir, and I thank you for your service ;)

  15. This made me think of something. Let's say you are in a classroom, doesn't matter the grade--could even be college-- and a student starts up with the teacher with the creationist nonsense. What do you, as an atheist, do?

  16. Nonmagic,

    I have had this happen before, even though I teach English. Honestly, I don't think that it really had anything to do with my atheism so much as my acceptance of evolution, but I just stated that "evolution is science" when he said that it wasn't. I really didn't want to get too far into it though, as it's pretty off-topic in my class.

    While having a discussion on religious issues with my seniors one time, I had a kid who I knew wasn't religious say that he was upset that they taught him evolution because it was all "bull."

    They're not just getting through to the fundies, ya know.

  17. @Maragon:

    Everyday on my way to work I have to convince myself to exit I-5 and not continue north and escape to Canada. Thank to R.S. and you, I may not be able to convince myself on Monday.

  18. When I was in HS I went to an afterschool meeting called Teen For Christ. It was part of a larger organization, but I don't know if it's related to this website.

    Still, we did a lesson or two on evolution, and it was about the same caliber of thought, only it came from an adult. An adult who is now a teacher at my high school.

    The dumbest thing she said was that maybe the dinosaurs are still around, and then compared Triceratops to rhinos and sauropods to giraffes.

  19. Oh dear God!

    "...we probably wouldn't exist. Think about it. If there was no God...what would be the point of developing the wide variety of emotions that humans have? I mean, our emotions, a lot of times, don't lend well to the survival of our species. People are thinkers that can choose not to have children, have only a few, take a few years break in between having children, etc.

    An animal that is able to reproduce will always do so if given the chance - even if reproduction always results in death for the mother, father, or both!

    If humans thought like animals, we'd all have a baby every year with the first available person regardless of circumstances because survival of the species is most important.

    Of course God commands us to be fruitful and multiply but...well, if our complex emotions actually decrease our productivity as a species...what's the point? To make us closer to God! God gave us the gift of emotion (not that animals don't have emotions, but not like humans of course) to make humans - made in His image - distinctly separate from the other creatures of the Earth. That's proof enough of God for me! PTL!"

    From the "If Evolution Was Real..." thread.


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