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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Must Read!

This, by far, is the funniest thing ever said-

keywesthaven1@msn.com (Terry) said...
@ Howdy 'Warlock',
Mr. Ouija Boardyou said
"Arguing with religious fanatics about the validity of evolution is like
arguing with neo-Nazis about whether the holocaust really happened or

Religious fanatics are atheist who subscribe to a 'baseless' conjectured
religion called atheism! Its just a theory. :)
They believe they will pass into 'nothingness' at death, and ignore the
evidence of 'paranormal science' and the physical evidence in our universe!Yet
we see them trying to communicate with the 'dead' with a picture of a Ouija
Board! Right Howdy? the devil's 'play toy'.

Perhaps 'ranting student' and his SS Nazi officer profile pic can you help
you Howdy!? ha ha ha
I heard he tries to communicate with Adolph. I speculate that Adolph is too
busy 'dodgin' the flames in Hell! If you stay on the path your on, you will be
right next to him!!!BTW, Atheist profile 'pics' just crack me up! Right Rando?
Have a Nice day atheists! Praying for your immortal souls! REPENT!God Bless! God
Speed! HBKS video!!!

Terry, if you read this, you're my favorite fundie. I really mean that.

In fact, I'm curious, Raytractors, who is YOUR favorite fundie? And, if you have any of their quotes I'd love to read 'em.


  1. The stream of consciousness crazy is the best thing about Terry.

    It is unbelievable how much nonsense he can concentrate into one post. More amazing is the fact that each piece of nonsense is always completely unrelated to any other piece of nonsense in his reply.

    And his smack talk needs some serious work.

  2. I just want to know why Ranting tries to communicate with Hitler. Terry brings up a good point with that.

    Favorite fundie? Honestly, that would go to a woman named Linda Gallo, who wasn't an actual Christian fundie so much as her reasoning was exactly the same. She used to post on the Michael Bolton usenet group, and she'd send hatemail to the "War on Bolton" site that I created years ago. Her spiritual beliefs were a strange mixture of Christian and astrological-type voodoo. Google search some of her old posts - she's quite loony, but I don't think that she has an online presence anymore. She may very well have been committed.

  3. Yep. Terry caught me red handed!

    As an atheist, I love to use superstitious oujia boards to talk to people like Hitler.
    I also talk to Stalin, Thomas Huxley, Napolean Bonaparte, and an old lady who used to live down my street 100 years ago.

    ...Yeesh! It's only a matter of time before Terry starts claiming I talk to Anne Frank.

  4. Her spiritual beliefs were a strange mixture of Christian and astrological-type voodoo.

    That must've been fun.

  5. Well guys, I did it again, I left a post for terry somewhat as follows:

    Witches do not exist Terry, schizophrenic religious zealots like yourself do.

    I hope it passes the censorship.

    I am tired of not telling him anything. Maybe we should start our answers/comments to him like so:

    @Terry A.K.A. demon haunted schizo


  6. Ranting (welcome back, BTW), I bt you're not just talking to Anne Frank, but "knowing her biblically" with Satanic Nazi Voodoo Sodomite mirrors.

  7. Terry Burton has been my favorite since I first found Ray Comfort's blog. I remember the good old days of Man With a Badge and Wild About the Gospel. They haven't posted there for a long time.

  8. If Terry isn't a Poe I kinda feel sorry for him. He's clearly mentally disturbed and it's ironic people like Ray don't realize that and may even see him as an asset to their fundie goals.

  9. Perhaps Terry is a new version of a spam bot-

    Poe Bot.

  10. Favorite fundy? Vera. I can not stand that woman, but I enjoy the laughs I get from watching her attempt to understand anything scientific with that limp noodle of a brainwashed head of hers.

    The latest example is as laughable as always, in which she tells GE (one of the brightest atheists to ever grace Ray's blog) that he should listen to RTB's podcasts:

    "There is an excellent podcast on RTB iTunes this week on the Neanderthal. You should listen to it to get all the information that is coming out these days through science."

    That's right folks, RTB has allllllll the latest in scientific discoveries and news!!

    I nearly shit myself when I read that.

  11. From now on, when something is stated as a fact because it was reviewed by some creationist, refer to it as Verafied.

  12. LOL RS, I loved when you came up with 'VerafiedDung' !

  13. Not only was it funny, it was a good accurate suggestion.

  14. Thanks magical nonmagic!

    Actually, I took the opportunity to give Vera a class on fossils and "transitionals". I also congratulated her for accepting that neanderthals did exist and that they were a deadend ... Now she cannot turn her back on some facts (mischievous grin).


  15. I think it was in this post of Vera's that she referred to mitochondrial Eve and Y chromosomal Adam, and wrote "the scientists call it that". Shazam! That must mean that Genesis is literally true.

    Do these believers have any idea at all what a metaphor is?

  16. I guess the fact that alot of moons and planets are named after Greek and Roman gods must make those gods real too. *headdesk*

  17. GE, you're quite welcome!


    How much you wanna bet she really does think that proves Genesis to be true? For someone that claims to be so smart, she is the most credulous dolt over there next to Terry, I think.

    Skep, according to their logic, yep.

  18. It was my comment that set Terry off. Which kinda means I've resumed poaching Christians occasionally at Ray's. Sorry guys. Free range Xtians. What can I say?

    Later on I asked Terry if he was high on hash. Let's see if Ray lets it thru.

  19. nonmagic:

    I'm certain she believes Genesis is literally true. That's what the Reasons to Believe organization is. Hugh Ross is an actual astronomer and astrophysicist. But the actual evidence shows that Genesis isn't literally true, so they come up with all this spin. The earth's early atmosphere blocked the sunlight; then God said let there be light. The first three days weren't actual days; then day four was an actual day and so on. He's an old earth creationist.

    What I wonder is, why would "God" need to take any days in order to create everything? He's "God"; why wouldn't he just create everything at once, in the blink of an eye?

    The people who wrote those stories were primitives who didn't know what an atom was or a germ or why their women became pregnant. They were trying to understand the world and themselves the best they could.

    But believers can't accept that. It has to be literally true.

  20. Hahahahahahaha. He did. Ray let it thru. I got to ask Terry if he's high on hash.


  21. Captain Howdy:

    Your "high on hash" post made it through. One of my recent ones didn't. Maybe because I said it would be more practical to use a twenty dollar bill as toilet paper than send it to Ray.

  22. Well, my comment calling Terry a schizophrenic religious zealot made it through too. And terry did not respond. I was so tired of this guy insulting people that I had to do the honors.

    Hell, it feels so so good!

    Terry you are an ass-hole schizophrenic. Yes you are, yes you are!

    And stop your shit about credentials. No credentials are needed to spot your shitty dementia.


  23. Rufus,

    I was referring to Vera thinking that the Eve and Y chromosomal Adam part would be proof for her that Genesis is true.

    I looked into Hugh Ross and RTB because I thought, well, with his credentials maybe he has something to bring to the table that might be somewhat convincing. Boy was I disappointed.

  24. mike & lizette are pretty entertaining. They can't manage to say anything more definitive than "yup, just like evolution is a big what if!" They are not very smart.


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