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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ray Comfort, The True Champion of Christians?

Evolution is such an important issue. This generation has been brainwashed by
this idiocy, all in the name of science. So, this week’s "Special" is: Buy ten
copies of the DVD for just $20, and we will throw in a free copy of, Evolution.
The Fairy Tale for Grownups (over $60 worth).

As you can see, we have definitely gone under his skin. Just like it was speculated that after the Bumper Sticker incident, Living Waters was going to give out free bumper stickers on April First. Now that Ray is being given an onslaught of scientific facts he is trying incredibly hard to ignore, and being proved wrong and wrong again by people who understand evolution, he obviously has gotten ticked off in some way that he resorts to spreading his propaganda.

Not only does he speak nonsense about something he doesn't understand, he thinks that what he says is legit and correct! He's been proved wrong, yet he still thinks he is justified in ignoring facts! He even posted reviews by other creationists at the end of the post-

"I have never heard evolutionary theory debunked and undone in a more effective
and easy to understand way . . ." Damon H. (CA)

"You'll love this . . .
So funny yet informative and gives you enough to give ‘intelligent’ answers to
those brainwashed by evolution."

(Besides the point, who is the second quote attributed to?).
Anyway, it is those quotes that got me to thinking something. You see, not only has Ray continued to spread his same refuted nonsense and lies and misunderstandings on evolution, his creationist followers believe him. And, he has already won over them. So, there is at least ONE good thing about this whole "I'll give you creationist propaganda crap for only $20! I like to fleece my sheep!" and all that jazz... You see, if Ray Comfort is one of the main guys where Christians get their material, that can be a good thing in certain conditions (A lot of people being deluded by a very dumb man cannot be extremely good, but some good can come out of it).

When we engage theists like those who trust Comfort, we're in luck. All of the things they'll use against us will evidently come from him. And, as we all know, it is incredibly easy for Ray Comfort to be refuted. So, you'll refute the theists incredibly easily, perhaps even showing him/her the error of their thinking (Granted they're intellectually honest).

So Ray, I hope you sell all of your DVDS and Books! Christians, buy them in bulks and distribute them to your church groups! I'm sure many do already. But hurry! That way, in only becomes easier for people like us to refute the arguments from the Christian apologists in our lives!

Thanks Ray.


  1. Ranting, this is good. At first I was just pissed and sad to give the guy a sales pitch, but looking it this way, wow, you are right. We have answers for any ass-hole who buys this stuff from Ray.


  2. Wonderful as it is to hear from you again, RS, I have to wonder whether you've had too much time off. Or perhaps too little.

    Are you claiming that Ray is actually selling his own comeuppance?

  3. (still thinking about it)

    If RS is right then Ray is actually The True Champion Of....



    Holy crap.

  4. (and still thinking about it)

    It's surely telling that Ray says bluntly "Evolution is such an important issue."

    And tomorrow he will airily dismiss it as so much foolishness.

    If he keeps flip-flopping like that then, who knows, somebody might notice that our unwavering believer is not exactly unwavering in his attitude toward this particular subject.

    Make up your mind, Ray (yes, you've still got one, believe it or not):

    Is it "important" or is it "folly"? It can't be both.

  5. I heard that Ray and Kirk are getting married in California and it will be on the Oprah W. show!

    Wow!!! I knew it. The two of them are secret lovers. The whole ministry is a sham!

    More at 11 ! :)


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