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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ray Comfort, Head, Ass

Sunday, August 24, 2008
Atheist Mistake

"Ray Comfort wrote: 'Unwittingly, we are heading for death and Hell.' One of my rules when dealing with the English language is to capitalize all objects of religious veneration. Which makes it incredibly telling for me that Ray Comfort capitalized Hell." German Mike

According to grammar experts it is right to capitalize Hell: "Specific geographical locations: Hartford, Connecticut, Africa, Forest Park Zoo, Lake Erie, the Northeast, the Southend." You made the mistake of going by your grammatical rules. No doubt you are making the same mistake morally.

Specific geographic location. I could show you all of those places on a map, Ray. I could take you to those places. You show me Hell. You take me to Hell.

And when someone makes a comment like this, Ray, and his sheep, will write something like, "if you don't accept Jesus, you'll see Hell soon enough". Terry Burton oughta have a good comment in that vein.


  1. Well, there's a Hell in Michigan, and another in the Cayman Islands.. But those aren't the same as Ray talks about. Sadly, for him, his Hell is imaginary.


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