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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Strange . . .

If it's really the case that . . .

The issue of which is correct (evolution or Intelligent Design) is solved instantly, the moment any truth-seeking person humbles him or her self, repents of sin (read Matthew 5:21-30) and trusts Jesus Christ as Lord and as Savior.

. . . then why is it, Ray, that four-fifths of evolutionists in the United States are Christians?

On a not-entirely-unrelated note, why is it that the entirety of your blog is vulnerable to a small dose of common sense?


  1. Not True Christians! What were you thinking?

  2. No no no, this is truly great!!

    ID advocates are always trying to say that ID is not creationism but SCIENCE!

    People like Ray are just ruining everything for them.

    Ray, keep saying things like this! You're doing great!

  3. I'm sorry, random tangent but I don't have posting access here.

    Ray has just fucked up the last integrity he has, and proven himself to be a huge fracking bigot:

    "Kaitlyn. I appreciate your honesty. However, this is in essence what you are saying, "I want a German in which no one wants to kill Jews as apposed to making it illegal and having them killed in very dangerous environments. I want to keep Jews alive in terms of my personal life and have them murdered in terms of how I vote." Nice."


    That's a new low for him. I'm actually really outraged, but don't entirely know why yet.

  4. I bet that he gets lots of congrats for his brilliant post by the christians. They never see the Ray's disgraceousness as clearly as they should. But try to say something similar, and see what happens ...


  5. It's clear that he's got too much invested in evangelical lunacy to be willing to learn. He's only interested in keeping the money coming in - and in preaching to the converted.

    It's obvious that he "understands" things through emotion, rather than intellect. He wants to feel what it right, regardless of what that mass of grey matter between his ears is telling him.

    I'm soon going to start doing exactly what Dimensio (and others) have been doing: repeatedly ask his supporters to justfy the ridiculous things they've claimed as fact.

  6. Dimensio's near robotic style of wordplay is freaking awesome. It just oozes patience and lack of emotion, and I think that totally drives them nutty.

  7. One of the fundies pegged Dimension: He really is Spock.

    I've considered responding to every ridiculous creationist post with "How do you know?"

    It's a great question. It's one that science can answer, but creationism cannot.


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