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Friday, August 22, 2008

"I Told You So"

We Cannot Lose

The theist will be vindicated by God Himself.


  1. Left Behind?
    rufus, I can't wait for the rapture.

    First, it will finally give me the closest thing to proof of christianity that I will ever see, and second I'll get 40 years (or whatever the duration of the tribulation is) of an earth without evangalising fundies.

    I honestly can't wait for them all to jus fuck off from the planet.

  2. It is gratifying to say, "I told you so!" when somebody has been proved wrong.

    Ooh. And Ray has been proved wrong time and time again. For us atheists to regret not believing (or as Ray puts it, *pretending* to not believe), because we are sent to Hell when 'God judges us', makes Ray happy. It makes him happy that we'll regret proving him wrong because we'll ultimately be proved wrong when 'judgment day approaches'.

    I can see how on that day (It won’t happen, but I'm playing the scenario from Ray's point of view), Ray will run behind God's leg, peek out from behind, and say, "See, I told you so!”… All while pointing a banana in our direction.

    They want to see themselves as messengers of light and truth (You know, kind of like Jesus wanted it).

    They want to believe it though, so much so that they might do anything to speed up the rapture. Even 'fulfill prophecy'. Credit Cards? Not for me, I'd rather NOT get the mark of the beast. Creating more nuclear weapons and using them? Of course! It is a sign of Jesus! Russia vs. Georgia? Pre-Apocalypse death match. John Hagee is a scary guy. Pat Robertson is as well. Ray Comfort probably supports war because it helps fulfill prophecy.

    Ps. Stew, just in case the rapture ever occurs-Well, I hope both you and Rufus join me as we fly on the wings of angels battling against the forces of Christ, which include satan and his demons, dragons, and the evil talking serpents.

  3. Crap, I meant forces against Christ.
    Oh. Ray told me so.

  4. Hey RS welcome back!

    Ideas and art about hell are totally the closest thing alot of these fundie christians will get to kinky porn. I bet it gets them hard all the time.

  5. You just keep telling yourself that, Ray. You just keep on telling yourself that.

  6. Ray needs to correct that post, pronto.

    Sure he meant to say that the True Christian(TM) will be vindicated?

    He couldn't have meant to include Muslims, and Catholics, and Hindus, and Average Christians, and Liberal Christians, and Libertarian Christians, and assorted other believers under the rubric of "theist."

    Oh, yeah, I know. He just meant anybody who isn't an atheist.

    One of the commenters wittily observed that if Ray is wrong and the Rapture is actually Armageddon, then he'll be sorry he didn't do any heroic deeds to get into Valhalla. I LOL'd.

  7. Hell, I can't wait for the rapture either. Maybe then we democrats will finally win an election.

  8. Stew,
    Ditto. What a relief that will be.
    The sooner, the better.

  9. This sort of mindset is especially apparent in those who subscribe to the idea of the "Rapture"...a childish revenge fantasy. Rapturists are particularly nauseating.


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