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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The only plausible explanation.....


  1. What a lucky snake...

    One day, I will become an artist for a Zombie Jesus comic book.

    Jesus is revived from the dead by George W. Bush, and begins to fight against crime!
    Issue 1-Zombie Jesus versus The stereotypical Jack Chick Atheist!

  2. It's interesting that when you state the beliefs of fundies so directly and concretely, they sound absurd. This may be one reason why it is so hard to get many religious people to talk openly about demons, etc.

  3. perfect.
    I like this. this could be a sticker.

  4. I found one of those "motivational" posters with that descriptiion of xianity on it but the picture was a bloodied up jesus from that Passion of the christ movie. I like your version better. Zombie jesus provides many more lulz.

  5. geoff:

    Go find Mark W. Laine over at Ray's. He'll talk about demons. He battles a demon which looks like Mussolini.


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