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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Feeling Self-righteous


I responded to Ray Comfort's blog post "A New Book". I don't want a copy of his book. Please, do something practical and useful instead. Take the cover price of the book, add what it would have cost to mail it to me, then send that amount to Doctors without Borders. Thank You.



  1. I'm sure they won't do it. If I post it at Ray's blog, I don't know if they'd allow it, but I'm gonna try.

  2. Of course, if all the atheists get a donation made, Ray will be boasting about his extensive charity donations. Still, it's got to be better than the pitance his ministry gives at the moment, eh?

  3. I'd have been tempted to take the book if you hadn't posted this. Not that I want another Christian book, but it was free.

    This way
    1) Resources won't be used to send me a box of god dreck (and Ray won't have my address!)
    2) I don't have to store the book on my bookshelf until such time as I can throw it away without feeling wasteful.
    3) Money from Ray goes to something useful.
    4) Maybe my anonymous pseudonym will get some publicity in a book!

  4. Sorry Rufus- Ray says you don't get a book, but thanks for playing! Better luck next time!

  5. Well, I didn't want the book, but what bothers me is that Ray said what I wrote was cynical. I was being succinct. Maybe I should have followed the lead of Shiver, who is always copying and pasting these long pieces from some MacArthur guy and posted all of Why Am I Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell.

  6. But see, if he sends his money to charities instead of sending books to the atheists, he may go over that $5000 a year they contribute to worthy causes... and that will take far too much out of their million-plus income.


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