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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brilliant, Just Brilliant

From the "Is God Guilty of Murder?" post over at the Dumb Fort:

Blogger Jesus Will Save said...

"Jesus will kill us all in the end."

If that doesn't perfectly sum up the way these people think, I don't know what does. Made me chuckle anyway.

Ray has started to increase his traffic again, I think it's time for something new....perhaps we bombard him with comments that all say " Great post, Ray!" ?


  1. Yes, they are waaaaay out there.

    Reading Vera's latest series of shit on the "Not Long to Go..." post is like trying to unscramble eggs.

  2. Congratulations to Iago for handing Vera her ass. I doubt she'd know where to look for it if people didn't keep handing it to her.

  3. "Jesus will kill us all in the end". Ray ought to put that on a bumper sticker.

  4. After reading Vera's "neat" idea, I have to agree with nonmagic about her.

    It's also funny that, as Iago points out, funderoos preach biblical literalism but then come up with so much out of the proverbial nothing.

  5. perhaps we bombard him with comments that all say " Great post, Ray!" ?

    That gets my vote!!

  6. @ dale

    Vera is refusing to respond to my comments at her blog (most of which she doesn't let through) because I pointed out that she claimed the dinosaurs were around before the Cambrian explosion. She's long gone... keep up the good work, Iago

    @ Jason

    We'd need to be coordinated - if enough Raytractors are up for it; I say we do it all next week.

  7. I've been doing it all the time for the last couple weeks.


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