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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Greydon Square

Atheist hip-hop, I love this guy.


  1. Went off him a bit after his assault on Brian Sapient

  2. Hi Stew

    I never really paid much attention to the RR Squad and I just became aware of Greydon Square recently...what happened between him and Sapient?

  3. that's great, I've never seen this before. "I make atheists come out of the closet faster than Ted Haggard" lol


    yeah, what happened with Brian Sapient??

  4. Love, love, love Graydon Square!

  5. BS and a number of other people from the RRS were at a secular humanist convention in the Washington District of Columbia. Greydon Square was there to both promote his CD and simply be another atheistic representative.

    BS had som of GS discs with him that he was promoting. GS had the idea he waas being shafted and beat him up. At the convention. Put him in hospital.

    GS is apparantly BiPolar and was off his meds. He made a strange apology wherein he said he'd drop all his beefs against BS, Frank Walton, Ellen Johnson, & Michael Shermer.

    See this thread on Randi forums
    or google "Greydon Square Brian Sapient"

  6. Like I said I really don't pay much attention to RRS, but from what I've seen/read of Sapient he comes off as kind of a cocky prick. But still that's no excuse for violence like that. Kinda embarassing though when so-called rational thinkers can't solve their differences with their minds, but in the end we're only human I guess.
    Still like the guys music though...

  7. I agree with Nafa, what Graydon did was messed up, but when Sapient and that girl debated Kirk and Ray they came off as arrogant, pompous know-it-alls. There was really no need for it anyway because Ray's arguments were pretty weak and could have easily been dismissed calmly and without rudeness.

  8. I'm working on some songs that could turn into songs about Ray. I hope they pan out.


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