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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On a Personal Note

Hey, Cronies.......
My job has got me knuckled down, as they say, and I needed a break from this battle, but, I have a new blog that you can find on my profile, called, The Bushy Tree.

Back in 1987 I was the number 119 person to sign on to a local ISP which now handles almost a quarter million, yeah small but the magnitude is astonishing still, to me. I got to thinking about that because I am seeing my focus and my intersts changing over time, as they should, and how many of these really cool groups of people I have communicated with to see them little by little, go away. and of course that's not a bad thing.

I'm getting tons of hits at the new blog so, especially Weemaryanne, at least drop by and leave a, hopefully, civil comment (Doggeral accepted without condition.) I want to bring in some other of my ol' cronies into this discussion, and perhaps this could be a meeting place, as it were.

Thanks for your indulgence on this matter and, Don't Let The Bastards Wear You Down!


  1. See you there, Dale, but don't forget to drop by to see us here once in awhile!

  2. Later Dale.

    I've always enjoyed your posts and hope to see you back here soon.

  3. Gonna miss the disturbances you leave in shit, so I'll see you at your blog!

  4. Not a "Crony" but I guess I am one of the "Bastards." :) You are going to drop an occasional comment over at A-Central aren't you? You've just got to!

    If it is any consolation, I don't see any sure sign of your cronies being worn down yet; oh, maybe a couple. I'll keep trying, though.

    Take care, friend.

    Craig B.

  5. I don't think you'll re-convert any of us, stranger - you can't force yourself to believe in something your logical brain knows to be false.

    I always enjoy your contributions Dale, and I wish you'd reconsider.

  6. Maragon, Shag, and All,

    I'm merely not going to be quite as active in plowing through the inanities at the Christian sites, but when I find something especially aggregious I will be back to raise hell and spread mayhem. I have blank checks for mayhem!

  7. Stranger,

    You don't stand a chance against this bunch. You can trust me on that one!

  8. Hey, maragon.
    I don't remember if we ever addressed comments to each other over at Ray's blog. As far as forcing one's self "to believe in something that your logical brain knows to be false," I'd have to agree with you there. I've always believed that, myself.

    Dale has always been one of my favorites from the other side of the aisle. But don't tell him that, or it might go to his head.;)

    Hi, Dale.
    Craig B.

  9. Stranger,

    We probably haven't crossed paths previously because I haven't been active on Ray's blog since the strike was called.

  10. Craig,
    You wrote:

    "Dale has always been one of my favorites from the other side of the aisle. But don't tell him that, or it might go to his head.;)

    Hi, Dale.
    Craig B."

    If I were ever mystified by a comment from a correspodent, this would be the epitomy of that event!

    I would love to know what you are referring too.


  11. Dale.

    I think I see what you are talking about. After I typed my comment and was about to click 'publish,' I scrolled up and saw that you had just posted something. That's when I added the "Hi, Dale." Does that demystify it?


  12. Hey Craig,

    Good to read you. I expect your son has either finished his PhD, or he is about to start another term with teaching responsibilities.

    Anyway, today I am perplexed at Ray's posts... Hum, I think I better leave you alone. After all, you are here to say hello to Dale.


  13. Thanks, Get_Ed.

    I don't think Dale would mind if we cluttered up his comment page a bit. If you want to E-mail me, my contact info. is on my profile.

    Joseph is just into his third year of a five-year program. You were right when you said that he would probably be spending more than 10 hrs/d in the lab. He officially became a PhD candidate in May.

    Good to hear from you, and thanks for asking about Joseph.

    Craig B.


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