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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where is Everybody?

Since it seems that I am the only one not out partying and "indulging in the lusts of the flesh as if it were your birthright," as the fundies would say, you all have unwittingly left me an opening to bore you with a personal account.

I drove up to my hometown today to attend a social function, with my Mom as one of the hosts. The hosts were a group of folks that are all over seventy eight years old. The theme was a Hawaiian Luau. It was held in a beautiful outdoor setting.

Number one daughter and number one grandson pulled up and I walked over to greet them, Lisa hands me an index card, and written on it is this:

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity’s sun rise.

I knew exactly what this meant just seeing it, not even having to re-read it for the ten thousandth time, and I looked at her, she's smiling and says, "I think you got it right, Dad."

And I stood there, in the sun, regaled in my festive shirt, with tears streaming down my face. /d


  1. Oh Dale, that made me misty. Blake!! Hell yes!!

    I'm indulging in the lusts of working out tonight and downloading pirated music. Yes, that's my exciting Saturday night, but I love working out so I'm doing what I enjoy.

  2. Non,
    Kiss those joys as they fly by!

  3. dale,

    Great story. I've never been a big fan of poetry, but I've enjoyed Blake's work since I've been in high school. I'm home on a Saturday night too. I was at the Filly Coral last night meeting my quota for "indulging in the lusts of the flesh". BTW, I took your advice and got the Primanti's roast beef. It was the first time I've tried that as I've been stuck in a steak and egg rut for all my life. Thanks for the suggestion.


  4. Downloading pirated music? That breaks the commandment against theft. You owe ten Hail Rays and ten Our Living Waters.

  5. Mjarsulic,

    I am so goddamed happy to have connected like that with you!

    Then you said,
    "BTW, I took your advice and got the Primanti's roast beef. It was the first time I've tried that as I've been stuck in a steak and egg rut for all my life. Thanks for the suggestion.


    A-hem, you did get it with the coleslaw on top, did you not? :>

  6. dale,

    Damn straight. Fries and coleslaw on the sandwich is the only way to go.

  7. Mjarsulic,

    Heaven on Bread........

    First timers are always intimidated with how to take the first bite..Hilarious!

  8. Rufus,

    If those words ever pass my lips feel free to chisel out my teeth without anesthesia.

    Dale and Mike are making me hungry !!!

  9. Nonmagic,

    "and downloading pirated music."

    My son did that on my laptop a couple weeks ago and I spent four hours trying to clean up the mess. Hmofp!

  10. Mess? He must not be going to the right places.

  11. coleslaw on saltines...mmmmm...good

  12. Nonmagic said...
    Mess? He must not be going to the right places.

    I can attest to that!!

    And what are the right places to pirate music? hehe..

  13. Milo,

    Check out the most recent Post.

    You definitely got me thinking about this.....

  14. Well, Dale.....allow me to pull some larceny out of my heart ....

    He could try http://skreemr.com/, http://songza.com/, and there is also a way to find it directly through a google search and I've found that to be pretty efficient.

    Also, some of the Russian music sites are good and there are some BBS places where I've found a ton of good stuff.

    I hope you have good virus protection, because if he's making a mess, he's doing it wrong !

  15. I don't indulge in the sins of the flesh. Instead, I was out stage managing a burlesque show. It was a great time, the producer was this chick: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8HZg4_gmqU

    Unfortunately, she didn't have the glamaphone, but had the sparkly dress. It cost her $8000 to get hand-made.


  16.      Every party has a pooper. That's why I invited me.
         Just because I don't always comment doesn't mean I'm not still lurking.

  17. I steal all of my music by torrenting it.

    Get a copy of uTorrent, go to Pirate Bay and search for what you want and enjoy your free, high quality music.

  18. Maragon,

    I was going to suggest something along those lines but I don't know how familiar he is with torrenting.

  19. I don't have a clue about torrenting, but I'll see if my son does.

    He's already checked out the site NM sent. He say s it worked well.


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