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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ray: Liar, Lunatic, or Lacking?

I suspect, like the trinity, Ray is all three, but only a liar, and at the same time all three. GE already made a response, but there's two things I found interesting.

What Award?
Firstly, this "award-winning" video on evolution. An award? Unless it was screened at the special olympics of science where everyone's a winner, I was doubtful. Just what scientific institution would award such a video? He is responding to scientific claims and, in his response, mentions the award, so it should be relevant -- right?

It took about a minute of searching to find that the video one the NRB People's Choice award. What is the NRB? National Religious Broadcasters. This is the same institution which has given awards to Answers in Genesis and hosted a special preview showing of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Winning an award for an evolution denial video from an organization of evolution deniars is a bit like Dylan Avery winning an award for Loose Change from 9/11 Truth for his denialist video. Winning an award from such an institution harms your "scientific" claims rather than bolster them.

Inane Skit: Orangutan
If you looked up "inane" in the dictionary, I think you should find a picture of Ray Comfort, or at least of this video.

His post previous to this one was on abortion and how its a child with rights. Really? I was both anti-abortion rights and anti-abortion up until just a few months ago -- long after becoming an atheist. Now being both pro-abortion rights and pro-abortion, I shall make a video debunking the anti-abortionists. Behold, as I take a page out of Ray's book -- or a scene out of his video, as it were. Here is how I would produce my video:

I am unsure of how to first start off. I considered first to use a zygote (the product of fertilization) or perhaps an embryo, but then I thought I should approach it with some sort of strawman like Ray does. In that case, I should mix a sperm and an ovum in a Petri dish. Since they look pretty much the same to an observer, it doesn't really matter, so I will just go with the zygote.

First, I would take the zygote to a restaurant for lunch and order it a salad. I would try to converse with it and note how it isn't eating its food. It is not behaving as a person so, therefore, it's obviously not a person.

Next, I would call up eight airliners to see if I could take the zygote on the plane. When they say its a biological substance and must be stored, I would insist on a seat for it as it is a "person." When they won't budge, I will acknowledge that it is because they know it is intrinsically not a person.

Inane Skit: Interviewing the laity
Next, I would try to contact some reputable biologists to appear in my silly video. When they had better things to do, I would move on to lay people. They would sound like an expert on sexual reproduction at first, but with a little probing they'll admit they don't have any idea what they're talking about -- and any who do I will edit out. I would ask about haploid and diploid cells, zygotes and fertilization, gametes, mitosis, and diplontic life cycles and watch as they all fumble.

I will then create a blog where I claim to be trying to inform people and get them to become pro-abortion and insist it is out of my love for humanity and their well-being, but I will make sure to plug the video for profit at the bottom of my post.

Perhaps for my next video I will debunk the theory of relativity by interviewing the laity again. They'll sound like experts on gravity, but I will soon show they have no idea what they're talking about, thereby proving that people simply have unfounded faith in the theory tale of gravity.


  1. Oh, this is wonderful!

    There's no way this can lose!

    ...Also, make a video called "The TheoryTale of Intelligent Design", in which you use a coconut to expose creationism.

    Oh, and don't forget Hell's Best Kept Secret: It's not real.

  2. This was an excellent use of Ray-tactics in a pro-abortion video. Cool thing. Much better than my anti-God mentally challenged.


  3. Not-quite-on-topic:

    The old C.S. Lewis trilemma was: “Liar, Lunatic, or Lord.”

    It becomes a quadrilemma when you add the alternative which Lewis as a professor of literature should not have missed: “Legend”

    Then it morphs into a quintilemma with the addition of “Lackwit.”

    And if you add “Late” (as in, 'didn’t that guy say he’d be back before his friends were all dead?') then you get, um, a sextilemma!


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