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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Terry Burton Phenomenon

What began as a colorful Internet fluke has blossomed into a full-fledged political movement - one that Republicans and Democrats alike are reluctantly having to acknowledge.


  1. I guess having a million individual blogs does count for something.

  2. Okay, I fell for it - kinda. At first, I just figured it was some other Terry Burton. When they had the lady with the tattoo though, I figured that the whole thing was a joke. It wasn't until the very end that I realized that nowhere do any of them actually say "Terry Burton".

  3. I was watching without sound, and noiced that all the signs looked digitally altered. I wish I heard what they had to say, because it still had me going. Awesome. :-P

  4. Has anybody posted this over at Ray's? I think they'd all get a kick out of it.

  5. Just make sure you leave out the http://www. so that it's not a URL!

  6. :P

    Jason sent it to me...he gets all the credit.

  7. Terry Burton in the White House.


    I guess I'll be catching up on some reading tonight, because I sure as hell won't be getting any sleep.

  8. I'm not entirely sure we don't have Terry Burton in the White House right now.

    How would you tell the difference between Terry and that boob that's in there right now??

  9. I just love stuff like that - terrifying (Terryfying ?) and amusing simultaneously.

  10. I couldn't get the video to load, but I believe that the same thing was at badastronomy.com only with Phil Plait, including the old lady with the tatoo.

    Terry Burton is a tool. I am considering challenging him to a test of his faith for his houseboat against my $200K. All he has to do is walk off his houseboat and walk on water. After all, Jeebus said all it takes is faith, right?

  11. I just love stuff like that - terrifying (Terryfying ?) and amusing simultaneously.

    A+++ Would read comments from again. Asset to Raytractors.


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