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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


  1. Love your blog. At one time, I tried my hardest to get Ray to think for once, and I gave up myself. Keep up the good work! Have you read any of his books, by the way? I have...I think I got dumber for it.

  2. Welcome to Raytractors, AA.

    Skip, someone should send this to Ray!

  3. Ray, in a response on his blog the other day, admitted that the stuff he posts is just bait to drive traffic to his site.

    "I have always baited people. Every Christian is a "fisher of men," and how can you catch fish without bait? You wouldn't bother coming here if there wasn't something that attracted you. It works :).", he declared.

    The guy is not stupid, he just pretends to be, and why not, he is making a good living from it. He deliberately posts stuff which he knows will rub people the wrong way. Trying to "get him to think for once" is only confirming that he is achieving what he set out to do in the first place.

  4. John,

    He said something like that a few months back, but now he is just openly admitting it. That's another reason I can't bring myself to go back there.

    It would be one thing if he wasn't getting other people to believe his lies, but he openly admits to lying and has no problem with deceiving others.

  5.      I don't believe Ray is mindless. He has many drones that are mindless. But I think that Ray is doing what turns him a profit.

  6. john doyle,

    so true! Ray is clever like a fox. I wonder if his minions understand his manipulation.

  7. Oh no Jesus has a facepalm? Awesome.

    Ray would not have built a multi-million dollar empire by skimping out on charity donations alone... the man does have some brains. That's why it makes me sad to see him peddle his ignorance all over. If he actually worked at using is intelligence for good, maybe the religious debate would get somewhere.

    Also, the guy is great at flipping into sudden analogy out of twisted interpretation.

  8. AAHHHH!!! See, Jesus is not omniscient afterall, otherwise he would have known how dumb Ray is!!


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