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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ken Ham Blames Evolution for Big Foot Hoax

I needed a break from Comfort idiocy so I checked out AIG to find this:

"Bigfoot has been found—or so claim two men who say they have found the dead body of a Sasquatch. Although the supposed body has been shown to be nothing more than a rubber suit, these men are likely following the evolutionary indoctrination they receive in school and on TV—and are also following in a long line of supposed apemen “proofs” that were big on show and low on evidence."

Ken, listen here you fucking maroon. Just how in the fuck is it LIKELY that they were following anything other than just being two lunatics like you looking to gain some notoriety.

That is the most idiotic statement. And you know that is likely how? Did the holy spirit infest your pubic hairs and you got a hard on for the first time in your miserable deluded life? Yeah, that is LIKELY, you sexually repressed ugly bastard.

It is likely you say that for one reason, another lame and idiotic and vague negative aspersion against evolution. That is so disengenuous it is fucking hilarious and so transparent that a fucking shit for brains seven year old kid could see right through it. If you are not fucking ashamed for having that shit on your site then you could not be ashamed of anything. It is likely that you are goddamned happy that your pathetic minions will actually believe that kind of horseshit. And it is fucking LIKELY that they will.
I'm trying to be nice to you. I'll start being even nicer when you will start trying to be smarter.

Respectfully submitted, dale


  1. Another example of how the creationists use the theory of Evolution as their all-purpose bogeyman of what they perceive as society's ills. Nevermind the fact that beliefs in mythological creatures were around well before Darwin, it must be that evil-ution!

  2. Accepting something as fact without credible evidence is something people who believe in Bigfoot and Noah's Ark have in common.

  3. And a belief in evolution killed OJ's wife.

    Fundies now have three explanations for everything:

    After the fall...
    Teaching evolution resulted in...

    After shit like this, it's funny to hear IDiots claim that intelligent design is a fair-minded scientific critique evolution.

  4. I'm gonna start blaming airplane crashes, crane collapses, and landslides on physics.

  5. Right Ken, because we all know all those "fossils" scientist keep digging up are just made out of plastic.

  6. If you wanna read some crap on this subject, try Monster by Frank Peretti.

  7. I remember reading Peretti as a good little christian kid. What's monster about?

  8. Monster is about "Bigfoot" and "mad scientists" evolution, all that happy horseshit.

  9. Igor said...
    "I'm gonna start blaming airplane crashes, crane collapses, and landslides on physics."

    You irreverent bastard! See! You are absoute truth that God is in control!

  10. Rufus,

    So I'm guessing Peretti is a creationist. I totally didn't pick up on that from the books of his I read, but then again I was a kid. Too bad. I like that one book of his, "Hangman's Curse". The cover glowed in the dark :-)

  11. "Hangman's Curse".

    Within my own experience, this m ovie has been refrenced in a couple occasions over the years, but those who referenced it seemed so irrelevent that I dismissed the premise. Am I missing something?

  12. I did a little research on "Monster" and it looks like in researching the book Peretti only talked to scientists who believed in creationism. Way to be balanced and unbiased Frank, that's what real researchers do. What an asshat.

  13. Dale,

    I may be forgetting much of the book, but I don't remember it talking about evolution. I could be completely wrong though. I just remember it being a good horror at the time (when I was 12).

  14. Skeptical Sorcerer,
    You said,

    "So, I'm guessing Peretti is a creationist."

    That is probably why I considered a short reading of him and dismissed him as the crackpot that he is.

  15. IMHO, I think Ken Ham should be skull fucked. Pure and simple.

  16. If you are not familiar with the "Skull Fucking" Process, you need to proceed to the "beginners FAQ."

  17. Two men were in the woods looking for the Sasquatch when they herd some rustling in the bushes over a hill. They rushed over to the noise and came upon an Indian. The Indian, surprised, said, “what are you guys doin’”, the explorers responded, “we’re lookin’ for the Sasquatch.”

    The Indian replied, “what is this Sasquatch like?”
    The explorers responded, “well, it’s big. It’s hairy. And it smells really bad.”
    “Oh,” replies the Indian, “I think you fellas are lookin’ for the wrong thing.”
    “What do you mean,” Says the explorer.
    “It sounds like you fellas’ are lookin for squaw-snatch.”

  18. Come on now Dale, don't hold it all inside. Let it out, tell us how you really feel :)

  19. I used to live in Clayton County, Georgia where the "Bigfoot" hoaxsters hail from.

    Trust me, the chances are incredibly slim that those doofuses could even spell evolution, much less accept it, and virtually nill that they could understand it.

  20. Go easy on him, Dale. It's likely that this is absolute 100% scientific proof that Ken is too busy raping piglets to worry too much about what goes on the site.

  21. Jason,
    It is likely that you are correct about this.

  22. Ken Ham - beard but no moustache.

    Ray Comfort - moustache but no beard....

    There's a joke in there somewhere.

  23. Ken Ham - Dr. Cornelius
    Ray Comfort - a koala

    No joke, it just makes me smile.


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