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Friday, August 29, 2008

I wonder what this one will be called!

Normally I try not to take Ray seriously, because he doesn't deserve it. But since he really wants to know...well I don't want to do him the "favor" of commenting so I'm just going to point it out here.

Ray wrote:
"I have a new book coming out soon. There will be a chapter on atheism. Tell me, what do atheists (officially) believe about:


The Bible:

Heaven & Hell:




Ray, atheists have no "central" beliefs. When I'm not reading your blog, I don't think about how Yahweh doesn't exist, nor Allah, Zeus, Odin... Atheism doesn't drive beliefs or actions because it's literally a non-statement. There are no atheist "scriptures" or "leaders" that tell us what to "believe."

And really, I don't see a point in saying any more, since it'd just be twisted into some sort of nonsense.


  1. Well said. I can imagine Ray's book with a chapter on "official" atheist beliefs then claiming it's a religion after all because we've admitted to official beliefs!


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